Tata RaceMo – India’s Cheapest Sports Car Dies Before Launch

Tamo Racemo Front

Generating galore curiosity among the enthusiasts globally, the two-seat, mid-engined sports coupe Tata RaceMo may never see light of the day.

All the gung-ho around Tata’s luxury sub-brand TaMo and the first sports coupe under it, ‘RaceMo’, seems to fade away into the oblivion. Generating galore curiosity among the enthusiasts not only in India but globally, Tata’s RaceMo may never see light of the day, reports in media reveal. The decision has been taken by the board members of Tata Motors on the grounds of high cost involved in the production of the mid-engined sports coupe. That said, the project demands a huge investment of Rs 250 crore. Reports suggest that Tata Motors is instead keen on using the funds for its commercial vehicle division. The board members were not convinced enough to spend this massive amount on the two-door sports car.

Just to remind you, TaMo RaceMo made a grand debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. While the brand TaMo was introduced a month before the debut of RaceMo, Tata chose the grandiose annual event for the unveiling of the two-door mid-engined car. The company had even confirmed launch of the model by December (around Christmas) this year. While with the board members unwilling to invest in the project, RaceMo shall remain a concept. With an estimated price of Rs 30 lakh RaceMo was set to become India’s cheapest sportscar. Read More About-Upcoming Tata Cars At Auto Expo 2018

The news of Tata planning to abort RaceMo projector has sparked an array of speculations over the existence of the sports car. Though the product looked promising and its estimated aggressive pricing had already made it popular among enthusiast, the sudden news of Tata pulling the plug on the model has left everyone shocked. The company, however has not officially announced or confirmed the news.

Designed at Tata Motors’ design studio in Turin, Italy, RaceMo is primarily a compact sports car under Tata’s sub-brand, TaMo. At the time of its revelation at Geneva, earlier this year Tata Motors had revealed that RaceMo was built on an all-new platform with a new MMS structure technology for the RaceMo. It was also meant to be India’s first kit car, with components assembled at the dealership level.  Power source for the RaceMo was a low displacing 1.2-litre turbo petrol unit that was claimed to make 186bhp against 210Nm torque. The engine was paired to an AMT unit. Besides, Tata’s first mid-engined vehicle was to receive advanced tech from Microsoft. In fact, the company had collaborated with Microsoft to stuff the car with new tech such as cloud computing, mapping, geo-spatial. Read More About-This Custom Tata Safari Renamed ‘Tusker’ Looks Stunning 

Internally known as Futuro, the two-seat, mid-engined sport coupe, TAMO Racemo is the first product from TAMO, co-developed by Microsoft and designed jointly at Tata’s studios in Taly and Turin. [/caption]

Prior to RaceMo Tata had also shelved several other projects. One such example is the Aria roadster and coupe which were revealed long back in the year 2000. These are not the only ones which were deserted by the company, Tata even washed its hands off the Bolt Sport (sportier version of Bolt hatchback) hot hatch.

Tamo Racemo Interior

The company recently phased out its longstanding Safari DICOR model owning to slump in sales. First launched in 1998, Safari was quite popular among the customers. While Safari DICOR bids adieu, its newer version, Strome will continue to be retailed in India. Reports in media are also rife that Tata may put an end to its mini-hatchback, Nano that has failed to impress budget customers despite its low pricing. Read More About-Tata Safari DICOR Discontinued-10 Interesting Facts About The Defunct Model

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