Lexus NX 300h SUV Deliveries Begin In India

Lexus NX300h India features

Lexus India marks the first year of operations in India by delivering the brand’s first NX 300h, hybrid electric SUV.

Lexus India marks the first year of operations in India by delivering the brand’s first NX 300h, hybrid electric SUV. The luxurious carmaker had launched the NX 300h in November 2017. For people not in the known, Lexus debuted in India in March 2017 with a lineup that featured the ES300h, RX450h and LX450d.

“At Lexus, our human-centered approach is evident in the way our cars are engineered, the craftsmanship they embody and in the ownership experience which begins the moment they engage with us or step into any of our guest experience centers. In India, we felt there was no better way to mark this significant milestone than by keeping our guests as our focus,” said P B Venugopal, President, Lexus India. “As we enter our second year in India, we look forward to new ways to deliver on the promise of ‘experience amazing’ so we can continue to delight our guests here by delivering the exceptional hospitality that is ‘omotenashi’ – the anchor of the Lexus brand.” Read – Lexus LS 500h Launched In India

Deliveries of the NX 300h are taking place across the country in signature Lexus style – cars arrive on flatbeds allowing owners to be the first to put miles on their car, which comes to them with a full tank of fuel. In addition, each delivery is customized based on Lexus’ knowledge of its customer. In Mysore, one owner not only received his brand new Lexus, but his family each also received personalized gifts so they were able to share in the joy of becoming part of the Lexus lifestyle. In Mumbai, a customized gift was crafted for a collector, so that he could add it to his collection, while he received his Lexus. Over the course of its first year in India, Lexus has conducted many similar personalized delivery experiences, demonstrating the brand’s firm commitment to placing its guests at the heart of all it does. Lexus Relationship Managers are trained to have a deep, personal knowledge of and connection with owners which start at the Guest Experience Centers and continues through the highly personalized delivery experiences and throughout their ownership. Read – Lexus RX 450h Launched In India

“Lots has been achieved in just a year in India and we are delighted by the response we have received. Lexus’ priorities in India for the next year are to continue to build brand awareness and to maintain our focus on hybrid electric vehicles,” commented N Raja, Chairman, Lexus India. “Looking ahead, we are aiming to strengthen our presence in three key ways – increased awareness, more great products and a deeper commitment to the community through initiatives such as Lexus Design Award India.”

In the year ahead, the brand will be focusing on expanding its footprint in India. Lexus will also be introducing new models, which deliver power and prestige, as well as the brand’s commitment to sustainable automotive solutions.

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