Skoda Delivered 1.07 Lakh Cars Worldwide in October, 2017

Skoda Kodiaq Review

The brand expects further impetus for growth from the new Skoda Karoq.

In October 2017, Skoda Auto delivered 107,400 vehicles to customers across the globe. (October 2016: 97,900 vehicles; +9.7%). Skoda saw growth in Europe (+11.3%), Russia (+23.8%) and India (+7.7%) in particular. The brand expects further impetus for growth from the new Skoda Karoq. The initial market launches for the new compact SUV took place at the end of October and 1,400 Karoq’s have already been delivered to customers. The large SUV, the Skoda Kodiaq, has already recorded 74,100 deliveries since its market launch in February 2017.

“We are pleased that we were able to continue the positive trend of the last few months in October too,” said Alain Favey, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “Our growth in Europe and Russia as well as the success of our new SUVs, the ŠKODA KODIAQ and the ŠKODA KAROQ, give us cause to be optimistic for the coming months,” added Favey. Read – First Lot of New Skoda Octavia RS Sold Out

In Western Europe, Skoda achieved 38,300 deliveries in October, which means an increase of 8.0% compared to October 2016 (35,400 vehicles). In Germany, the strongest individual European market, deliveries increased to 14,700 vehicles – 10.7% more than in October 2016 (13,300 vehicles). Skoda recorded double-digit growth in Denmark (1,400 vehicles; +26.7%), Finland (900 vehicles; +13.4%), France (2,600 vehicles; +18.0%), Italy (2,200 vehicles; +26.1%), the Netherlands (1,700 vehicles; +17.2%), Austria (2,000 vehicles; +14.0%) and Norway (700 vehicles; +11.0%). Read – New Skoda Fabia SUV In The Works

In Central Europe, deliveries increased by 15.0% to 18,200 vehicles (October 2016: 15,800 vehicles). In its home country, the Czech Republic, Skoda increased deliveries to 8,400 vehicles, an increase of 11.5% compared to October 2016 (7,600 vehicles). In Poland (6,100 vehicles; +25.5%) and Hungary (1,000 vehicles; +21.4%), Skoda achieved double-digit growth rates.

In Eastern Europe excluding Russia, deliveries increased by 11.7% to 3,700 vehicles (October 2016: 3,300 vehicles). ŠKODA was also able to grow considerably in Romania (1,100 vehicles; +28.8%), Bulgaria (300 vehicles; +28.6%) and Ukraine (500 vehicles; +22.5%). In Russia, deliveries increased by 23.8% to 5,700 vehicles (October 2016: 4,600 vehicles).

In Israel, Skoda Auto recorded strong growth of 70.7% compared to the same month last year, having delivered 1,700 vehicles (October 2016: 1,000 vehicles). In China, Skoda’s largest individual market, the manufacturer achieved 33,000 deliveries in the past month (October 2016: 32,000 vehicles; +3.2%).

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