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Shoes For Two-Wheeler Riders Mandatory; Rs 1,000 Fine In Case Of Violation

New Traffic Rules

Motor Vehicles Act 2019 came into effect from 1st September. And in the last one week, we have read number of reports of heavy penalties filed against traffic rules’ violators. The new traffic and road safety rules have burnt a hole in pockets of several people.

According to the new norms, the scooter and biker users won’t be allowed to wear slippers (chappals)/sandals while riding the vehicle. If any two-wheeler rider is caught riding a geared motorcycle or scooter will be fined by Rs 1,000. Read – Government Announces Measures To Revive Indian Auto Industry

The repetitive violation of the rule may also cause an imprisonment of 15 days. The reason behind this rule is that the slippers or sandals might hinder the gear shifting process or cause an accident due to loss of friction. All two-wheeler riders, therefore, should have to wear shoes while riding the vehicle. You can also opt the motorcycle boots, if you can afford them.

Interestingly, the Uttar Pradesh government is now considering implementing a unique dress code for truck drivers. As per the new rule, the truck drivers wearing lungi and vest (baniyan) while driving will be fined by Rs 2,000. In fact, the truck driver assistants/conductors will also be fined. Read: Auto Expo 2020 – Top 6 New-Generation Cars

In order to avoid a hefty fine of Rs 2,000, the truck drivers and their assistants should wear shirts/t-shirts, full length pants and shoes while driving the vehicle in U.P or passing by the state.


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