New Yamaha R15 V3 vs Old R15 – What’s The Difference?

New Yamaha R15 V3 Vs Old R15

New Yamaha R15 V3 vs Old R15 – Here is a spec based comparison between the new and old model.

The Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, Yamaha finally introduced the new-generation R15 V3 at the Auto Expo 2018. The fully-faired motorcycle received new body graphics and multiple design and feature changes along with a more powerful engine. Sharing its design language with the new R6 and R1, the 2018 Yamaha R15 V3 looks sharper and more refreshing than the old model. Yamaha claims that the new styling has decreased its drag co-efficient, thus making it more aerodynamic. Here we bring you a spec based comparison between the new R15 V3 and the old model to give you an idea about the difference between the two bikes.

New Yamaha R15 V3 Launched At Auto Expo 2018

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New Yamaha R15 V3 vs Old R15 Price

ModelPrice (Ex-Delhi)
New R151.25 lakh
Old R151.18 lakh

– The old model of the bike was available at Rs 1.18 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

– The new R15 V3 is surely a more powerful and premium machine than the old one. With attributes such as bolder styling, pack of new features and more refined powertrain, the 2018 Yamaha R15 V3 has been priced at Rs 1.25 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). That means, it still the most expensive bike in its segment. The bike’s new model is around Rs 7,000 costlier than the old one.

New Yamaha R15 V3 vs Old R15 Specifications

SpecificationsNew R15Old R15
Engine155.1cc, single-cylinder149cc, single-cylinder

– At the heart of the 2018 R15 V3 is a new 155.1cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine boosted with SOHC technology. In terms of power, the powertrain makes a top power of 19.04bhp at 10,000rpm while generating a peak torque of 14.7Nm. This new engine is composed of forged piston and lighter DiASil (Direct Aluminium Silicon) cylinder that is claimed to be more durable.

– On the other side, the old model was powered by a 149cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine that’s good for 16.7bhp and 15Nm of torque. Compared to old model, the new R15 V3 is around 2.4bhp more powerful. Transmission remains unchanged – i.e. a 6-speed unit. Read – Upcoming Yamaha Bikes & Scooters In India

New Yamaha R15 V3 Vs Old R15 V2 Mileage

Model NameMileage
New R1540-46kmpl
Old R1538kmpl

– As mentioned above, the 2018 R15 V3 has a more powerful engine with forged piston and lighter DiASil cylinder making it more fuel economical.

– While the previous model delivers a mileage around 38kmpl, the new one returns between 40kmpl – 46kmpl.

New Yamaha R15 V3 Vs Old R15 Top Speed

Model NameNew R15Old R15
Top Speed140kmph131kmph

– Thanks to a more powerful and a slightly larger capacity engine, the new R15 offers better acceleration and top speed. It can attain a top speed of around 140kmph that makes it around 9kmph faster than the old model.

New Yamaha R15 V3 Vs Old R15 Dimensions

DimensionsNew R15Old R15
Fuel Tank11-litres12-litres

– In terms of proportions, the 2018 R15 V3 is 70mm shorter, 55mm wider and 65mm taller than the old model. Though, its wheelbase has been reduced by 20mm for better ride-ability.

– The bike’s new model measures 1,900mm in length, 725mm in width and 1,135mm in height with a wheelbase of 1,325mm. It comes with a seat height of 815mm, which is 15mm higher than the old model.

– The motorcycle has a fuel tank of 11-litres, which is 1-litre less than the R15 V2.

New Yamaha R15 Photo Gallery

New Yamaha R15 V3 Vs Old R15 Design

– Sharing its design bits with the larger YZF-R6 fully-faired motorcycle, the new Yamaha R15 V3 looks sportier and sharper than before.

– Some of its styling elements are also carried over from the M-Slaz naked streetfighter. The new model uses the modified Delta Box with new aluminium swingarm.

– The bike gets new fairing with sharper creases and twin-seat layout. The position of the seat has been raised for a comfortable riding experience.

– It is now equipped with a new dual-split LED headlamp with middle air-inlet, LED daytime running lights (DRLs), LED rear lights, etc.

– While the global model gets USD forks and IRC tyres, the India-spec model comes equipped with telescopic forks and MRF tyres. Instead of analog unit, the new model sports a new digital console with blue colour backlights.

– The 2018 Yamaha R15 is available in two paint schemes – Racing Blue and Thunder Grey.

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