Top 5 Best Modified Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio Modified

We bring you top 5 best modified Mahindra Scorpio that demand a second look.

Modification is yet not as popular in India as other markets, though modifiers have been coming up with some super stuff lately. While most of the modifiers have tried their hands at giving Mahindra Scorpio a revamp, we bring you top 5 best modified Mahindra Scorpio that demand a second look. Also Read – This Custom Mahindra Scorpio Is Meaner, Muscular and More Aggressive

360 Motoring

Best Modified Mahindra Scorpio

Sporting a bright red colour, this modified Scorpio by 360 Motoring gets a comprehensive revamp. Cosmetic changes on the front are quite prominent as it features a new front bumper, black finished grille, aftermarket headlamps, auxiliary lamps etc. Moreover, the black finish on headlamps and taillamps add to the aggression. At the side, it gets pronounced wheel arches that add mass to the body and fat tyres that make it look bulky. The large off-road tyres ditch alloy rims for a more rugged steel rims. The spare wheel mounted at the rear tail gate injects aggression. Also See- M.S. Dhoni’s Customized Mahindra Scorpio Is A Head-turner


Best Modified Mahindra Scorpio Kitup

With minimal modification, this modified Scorpio is easily recognizable. That said, it gets new alloy rims, black accents on roof pillars and mirrors. Other bits such as smoked taillamps keep the rugged look intact. While it remains largely same as the regular model from the outside, most of the changes have been made to the interior. Use of ample leather in the cabin not just makes it more upmarket, but it offers more comfort to the occupants. Besides, the beige upholstery with tan bits around steering wheel, gear knob, handle brake and seats enhances the interior look. The dual tone dashboard further complements it. Also See – Top 5 Best Modified Maruti Swift


Best Modified Mahindra Scorpio Getaway

This modified Mahindra Scorpio seems like a perfect choice for adventure enthusiasts. It gets a lift kit that raises the ground clearance considerably, thus giving it the appropriate ride height. The pick-up not only sees change in ground clearance but it also rides on robust 33-inch tyres that come wrapped with steel rims. It additionally gets a JDM spec-off-road bumper up front that also serves as a bullbar. The roof comes with a 48-inch light bar and a bespoke roof rack. Among other additions is the cover for the bed that is missing in the regular model.

SP Customs

Mahindra Scorpio SP Customs

Modified by the SP Customs, this is probably the most impressive of all the custom Scorpios we have seen so far and hence makes to our list of best modified Mahindra Scorpio. Based on the Getaway, it gets a comprehensive makeover. That said, the rear profile has been changed completely. One of the highlights on this modified Scorpio is the new hard top that makes it more appealing. The vertically stacked up taillamps at the back and the body coloured bumper are some other changes made to the SUV.

SP Design Studio

Another custom Scorpio that we feel is one of the best Modified Mahindra Scorpio is by the SP Design Studio. To give it more bulky and aggressive look, SP Design has added more muscles to it. The face is all new with elements such as a double-decker grille with mesh backdrop, new headlamp housings inspired by Ford F150 Raptor truck etc. Additionally, the vertically stacked up projector headlamps, aftermarket fog lamps and a metal bash plate further accentuate the aggressive look. Other prominent changes on this custom Scorpio include faux vents on hood, mounted LED auxiliary lamps on the roof and a cargo area that has been created by chopping up the space inside the cabin.

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