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Uniform Smart Driving Licenses & RCs Across India In 2019

Smart Driving Licenses & RCs

The new driving licenses and RCs issued by union territories and states will have a uniform format.

The Government of India will soon introduce a new driving licenses (DLs) and vehicle registration certificates (RC) system across the nation. According to a media report, the new driving licenses and RCs issued by union territories and states will have a uniform format in terms of design, look, colour and security features.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has confirmed that the process for the ‘smart’ DLs and RCs system has already begun across the nation. It’s likely to be enforced by July, 2019. The new DLs and RCs will have embedded microchips and QR codes along with an enabled near-field communication (NFC) feature.

These features will enable the traffic cops to access details stored in the cards through their hand-held devices. Interestingly, the new uniformly designed driving license will also give details of the license holder’s blood group and organ donation declaration. The RC will also mention the vehicle’s emission norms for performing pollution tests with ease. There will also be a mention of the specially designed vehicle developed for the physically challenged.

The Regional Transport Officies (RTO) will issue or renew around 32,000 driving licenses and 43,000 vehicle registration certificates across the nation on daily basis. The applicants of the DLs renewal or RCs re-registration will gradually get the new uniform replacements.

A Transport Ministry official said, “It will directly give access to the URL having details of the particular vehicle or driver including past records as stored in the central data base of Vahan (for vehicles) and Sarthi (drivers)”.

The states will be able to get it done within the give deadline as the cost of all these features will be around Rs 15 to Rs 20 per DL or RC, he further added.

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