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Mitsubishi XM Crossover MPV To Be Called Expander

The Mitsubishi XM crossover will have a perfect blend of “toughness of an SUV with the versatility of an MPV”, claims the company.

  • Amit Sharma
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Mitsubishi XM crossover MPV concept

The Mitsubishi XM 7-seater crossover is based on the company's new Dynamic Shield design philosophy.

Mitsubishi, the Japanese automaker had showcased the all-new Mitsubishi XM crossover MPV concept at the 2016 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIAS). The 7-seater crossover MPV has already been spotted several times during its test rounds on Indonesian roads. The crossover MPV will be developed and launched in Indonesia next year, and will be exported to select ASEAN markets including Thailand and Philippines. If media reports are to be believed, this 7-seater crossover MPV will be called ‘Mitsubishi Expander’. The vehicle looks like a worthy competitor to the 7-seater Honda BRV.

The report further suggests that Mitsubishi is also considering the 7-seater crossover for the European markets. It is quite early to comment whether this crossover will come to India. The Japanese automaker has confirmed that the XM will enter the production from October 2017 at the carmaker’s new manufacturing plant in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. The Mitsubishi Expander 7-seater crossover carries Mitsubishi’s new design philosophy – Dynamic Shield, and looks quite sporty.

Mitsubishi XM concept front

The front fascia of the XM MPV shares strong resemblance with the Mitsubishi eX concept. It comes with heavily sculpted wheel arches, floating roof with rails, and strong character lines. The side profile is highlighted by long greenhouse and blacked-out D pillar, while the black rear design of the crossover looks similar to the eX concept.

Mitsubishi claims that the XM combines “toughness of an SUV with the versatility of an MPV”. In the name XM, the ‘X’ stands for crossover and ‘M’ is for MPV. With three rows of seats, the Expander will offer enough space for seven occupants. The cabin will feature wide elevated center console, silver treatment and dual tone high contrast interior. Adding to it, the vehicle is claimed to be designed to travel long distance, with the ability to cope with bad roads and floods from a high ground clearance.

Mitsubishi XM concept side view

Mitsubishi has invested 600 million USD (250 million USD to develop the MPV) for this product and new production plant. The company also plans to export the XM to other South East Asian markets including Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The company is yet to announce the exact engine details about the crossover, but reports suggest that it will feature a 1.5 litre petrol powertrain. The vehicle will also get an front-wheel-drive system and high ground clearance to offer optimum all-terrain performance.

Mitsubishi XM (Expander) Price

Variant Expected Price
Base Model Rs 8 lakh
Top Model Rs 13 lakh

Note – The above mentioned prices are speculative keeping the cost of Honda BR-V – its potential rival. Though, there is no clarity yet about its India launch.

Mitsusbishi XM Spied

Mitsubishi XM (Expander) Features 


Dynamic shield design
Sculpted wheel arches
Floating roof with rails
Strong character lines
Long greenhouse


Optimized interior layout
Horizontal dashboard
Wide elevated center console
Silver treatment
Dual tone high contrast interior
7-seats layout

Spy Image Courtesy – Paultan

Mitsubishi XM (Expander) Preview
  • Design
  • Engine
  • Interior
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  1. Bapi Behera
    November 30, 2016

    It’s a mid range car and it’s good for them who have a dream to buy a car..Main thing is that it’s a five seated car…..lv it….

  2. Bapi Behera
    November 30, 2016

    I like it

  3. Bapi Behera
    November 30, 2016

    I want to buy this car…when this car lunched in India message me..

    • Editorial Team

      Editorial Team
      November 30, 2016

      Hi Bapi

      There is no official confirmation about the XM MPV launch in the Indian car market. Stay tuned to ICN for more updates on the same.

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