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Have A Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Electric Hummer H1

Electric Hummer H1

The Hummer H1 off-road prototype features a high-performance 100kWh battery with two electric motors on front and rear axles

Who doesn’t know Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous Hollywood actor and erstwhile mayor of California who is known for his popular sci-fi movie series, Terminator that first released in 1984. Schwarzenegger needs no introduction and his growing environmental awareness is also known to all. In the 1990s, he played a major role in converting AM General’s military-duty Humvee for civilian use. Fast forward to 2017 and Schwarzenegger is again grabbing headlines for an all-electric Hummer H1, that he had been dreaming of since a long time.

Thanks to Kriesel Electric, specialized in developing electric powertrains for use in traditional cars, that played a major role in materializing the idea. The Hummer H1 off-road prototype was developed in just two months and features a high-performance 100kWh battery with two electric motors on front and rear axles. It generates a system output of 490hp. Weighing 3,300kg, the bulky e-Hummer offers an impressive range of 300km and can attain 120k/h of speed. One must note that the standard Hummer SUV is globally renowned for its invigorating off-road capability. The engine used on the 2006 H1 model is the 6.6-litre, V8 turbo-diesel unit that makes 300hp against a massive 750Nm torque. Claimed fuel economy on this model is around 4.16km/l with 470g CO2 emitted every kilometre. Also See – Shahrukh Khan’s Cars Collection

Electric Hummer H1 Image Gallery

This isn’t the first personalized electric car for the actor though, he has previously swapped the internal combustion engine on his Mercedes-Benz G-Class with an electric unit. What else is on card from Schwarzenegger and Kreisel Electric, an all-electric airplane we wonder? Also See – Akshay Kumar Cars Collection

The prototype of the e-Hummer by Kriesel Electric was recently unveiled. And the firm, co-founded by three brothers-Markus Kriesel, Johann Kriesel and Phillipp Kriesel also inaugurated its new plant. The new production unit has an annual capacity of 8000 battery packs for cars, aviation and home-storage. In addition, the company will also manufacture and built prototypes for auto giants and other industries.

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