Discounts & Offers on luxury cars in India – December 2014

Mercedes Benz E350 CDI

In our last story, we brought you the discounts on all the mass-segment cars, now is the time for the luxury cars. Luxury car makers are showering exciting discounts this month, and leading the way are the three German trio – Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. All the aforementioned brands are offering big discounts and offers on their select models.


Mercedes-Benz, the German automaker, is offering heavy discounts and benefits on some of its cars including the A-Class, B-Class and E–Class.

 Mercedes A-Class and B–Class – benefits up to Rs 2 lakh

Mercedes E-Class – benefits up to Rs 4 lakh


BMW is offering discounts on all of its top-selling cars including BMW X1, X3, 7-Series, 5-Series and 3-Series.

BMW X1 – benefits up to Rs 6 lakh

BMW X3 – benefits up to up to Rs 2 lakh

BMW 7-Series – benefits up to Rs 10 lakh

BMW 5-Series – benefits up to Rs 6 lakh

BMW 3-Series – benefits up to Rs 4 lakh


Audi India announced discounts and benefits on its top-selling  cars in India last month, which is going to continue in December 2014 as well.

Audi Q5 – benefits up to Rs 3 lakh

Audi Q3 – benefits up to Rs 2 lakh

Audi A6 – benefits up to Rs 6 lakh

Audi A4 – benefits up to Rs 5 lakh

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