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Did You Know Of These Strange Driving Laws & Hefty Fines?

5 Most Weird Traffic Laws Around the World

Here’s something you need to keep in your mind if you ever plan visiting any of these five countries.

If you travel abroad and hire a vehicle to roam on your own, here is something you need to keep in your mind if you ever plan visiting any of these five countries-UK, Italy, New South Wales (Australia), Botswana and Russia.

Considering how beautiful these countries are and the highways are just perfect to drive, it is hard to resist the temptation to get behind the wheel and enjoy a good ride. While there is nothing wrong in it, you just need to be careful as the driving laws in these countries are a bit too strange, read on to know the repercussions. Insight – Are Indian Roads Safe Enough To Drive?

1. This law in UK will not go down well with most of the Indians as we tend to do it repeatedly. Honk! Yes, honking in residential areas is prohibited after 11:30pm until 7:00 am. If caught honking for no reason (without a legitimate reason) you will end up paying 100 Pounds, which equates to Rs 8000.

2. While in Italy it is a mandate to get snow chains or winter tyres on the vehicle else there is a hefty fine that starts from 41 Euros and goes all up to 148 Euros in towns. It doubles to 81 Euros to 335 Euros on the motorway. Besides, the law can deduct 3 points from the driver’s license. Read – Five Things to Remember Before Buying Car Insurance Online

3. In New South Wales, Australia, drivers are fined for splashing mud on people waiting for bus. Now how many times have you done that during monsoons (maybe there is no count). Breaking this law attracts a fine of whopping 1255 which equates to Rs 1 lakh (no kidding).

4. However, in Botswana animals shouldn’t be carried on a bike so as they block the driver’s view or make him loose control of the bike’. This could send the driver straight to jail for 6 months to 2 years.

5. Next is this law in Russia that penalises for using dirty cars, especially of the license plate is smudged in dirt (usually a common sight here). This was introduced last year and attracts a fine of 25 Pounds.

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