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Insight – Are Indian Roads Safe Enough To Drive?

Are Indian Roads Safe

Road accidents in India account for almost 410 lives everyday as per a recent study.

Thousands of people lose their lives in road accidents every year. To everyone’s horror, these numbers are rising constantly, indicating an immediate need to address the issue. Road accidents in India account for almost 410 lives everyday as per a recent study. The number catapults to 1.50 lakh on yearly basis which is terrible. In 2015, the fatalities caused due to road accidents accounted for 1.46 lakh annually, inferring 400 deaths daily.

The numbers are derived from the data shared with the Centre and the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety. Based on the statistics, the casualty rate due to road accidents is highest in India. It is to be noted that the provisional data lacks numbers from Mizoram and Union territories of Daman & Diu, Chandigarh and Nagar Haveli. Read – Government Plans To Shift To EVs By 2030

While the provisional data is upsetting, the government is chalking out a plan to curb fatalities & injuries caused due to road accidents by 50% in the next three years. Last year, the fatalities dropped in nine states including national capital Delhi and other UTs, while Bihar recorded the highest number of casualties and injuries. On the contrary death rate soared in states like UP, Andhra Pradesh West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, surpassing the highest fatalities recorded in 1970.  Since then (1970), there has been a rise in road accident deaths, however things improved a tad in 2012 and 2013, but unfortunately, numbers spiked post that.

The lack of an adequate law and destitute enforcement have been identified as the main reasons behind the condition. However, to reverse the situation government needs to enforce stern laws for the violation of traffic rules. This would in turn require correcting the entire ecosystem dealing with road safety and vehicle safety.

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