15 Things That Only Car People Do!

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We’re always talking about how it’s difficult for non-car lovers to understand car people or vice-versa. But let’s face it, some things that car people do can be pretty confusing/strange for normal people. Let’s explore a few of them, shall we?

1. You Can Recognize Cars From Far Away By Looking At Their Headlamps Or Shape.

2. Your Instagram Is Full of Cars Pictures And Memes.

3. You Can Clean Your Cars Anytime, Anywhere – It’s A Religion To You.

4. You Know Others By Their Cars, Not The Name.

5. A Little Scratch On Your Car Is Good Enough To Make You Mad.

6. And A Long Car Chat Can Make Your Day.

7. Nothing Is More Satisfying Than Staring Your Car.

8. You Press Lock Button Twice Or Thrice After Closing The Door…Or May Be More.

9. A Good Location And You Can Stop In The Middle Of Anywhere To Take A Perfect Car Picture.

10. You Love Stalking Cars Even In A Parking Lot.

11. Your Car Is Your Baby Who Has A Cute Nickname.

12. Revving The Car, Satisfies Your Soul.

13. You Park It Like A Pro.

14. Sight Of A Vintage Or Classic Car Can Turn You On (Not Literally).

15. You Not Only Know Auto History Facts, But Are Aware Of Latest Auto Updates.

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