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Follow These Tips To Increase Your Car’s Life Span

Want to enhance the life span of your car, these tips may help you add more years to your vehicle

  • Shilpa Chopra
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To Increase Your Car’s Life Span

People usually have an emotional connect with their first car and want to keep it forever. While on the other hand some people don’t sell their favourite car even if they buy another one. Whatever is the reason, if you want to enhance the life-span of your car these tips may help you add more years to your vehicle.

Take your car for regular check-ups at the service centre

The metal body we drive in is composed of various parts that require regular care. The key to keep your car healthy is to go for regular check-ups at the service centre. While some parts need to be lubricated regularly, some need to be replaced on regular intervals. For the maintenance of your car, one needs to abide by the service schedule determined by the manufacturers. Read More – Five Things to Remember Before Buying Car Insurance Online

Alignment for enhanced mileage and longer engine & suspension life

While it is important to maintain inner parts of the car, the outer bits such as tyres also hold equal importance. In a bid to maintain the condition of tyres, one should go for alignment and balancing regularly. Considering the bad conditions of roads in India, the tyres go out of their place easily. With this, the suspension system bears the brunt of extra pressure and the engine also puts more effort to drag the unaligned tyres. If the tyres are aligned regularly, it enhances the mileage and prevents suspension set up and engine from the extra burden.

Be slow over speed breakers

We just discussed why we should not put extra pressure on the suspension system. Knowing that driving on bad roads affects the suspension adversely, one should go slow on roads filled with potholes. This enables suspension to take adulations at its pace. So, whenever you come across a pot hole or a speed breaker, keep the speed slow. Read More – This is How You Can Make Your Weekend SUV Getaway Extraordinary

Smooth gear changing

Another tip for the longevity of your car is to go smooth while changing gears in manual cars. Additionally, the clutch should be released slowly after changing the gear. If the clutch is released abruptly, it would mean more pressure on the clutch plates and drivetrain. Therefore, the time taken to release the clutch should be apt to avoid any harm to the mechanicals.

Avoid overloading car

We may not take it seriously, but one should not exceed the seating capacity. Do you still remember the family trips during vacations in your dad’s mini-hatch where the kids would fit into the boot? Overstuffing may take out some years from your car’s life. Be it extra passengers or luggage, overloading hampers the suspension, clutch and engine. Exceeding the seating capacity could in turn be dangerous.


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