Mahindra Bolero- frequently asked questions

Mahindra Bolero

Q. What are the engine specifications of Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: Mahindra Bolero is available only in diesel version. Powering the vehicle is the 2.5-litre M2DiCR & 2.5-litre DI diesel engines that produces 63bhp of top power and 195Nm of top torque.

Q. Does Mahindra Bolero features power steering?

Ans: Yes, all the variants of the vehicle get power steering as standard feature.

Q. Tell me the boot space of Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: There is no visible boot space in the SUV; however the rear seats can be folded to provide an excellent boot space of up to 1702-litres.

Q. Tell me the Mahindra Bolero Colours option?

Ans: It is offered in five different exterior shades- Rocky Beige, Java Brown, Fiery Black, Toreador Red and Diamond White.

Q. Tell me the Mahindra Bolero Safety features?

Ans: The top spec model is equipped with various safety features including engine immobilizer, remote central locking, child safety lock, seat belts and others. However, the vehicle misses out on features like ABS with EBD and brake assist. Recently, the company has also introduced the special edition Bolero which gets ABS and airbags as safety features.

Q. What is the mileage of Mahindra Bolero on highways and in City?

Ans: The 2.5L DI Diesel engine returns a mileage of 9.4kmpl in city and 13.6kmpl on highways, while the other 2.5-litre M2DiCR engine offers a good fuel economy of 12.4kmpl in city driving conditions and 15.96 on freeways.

Q. Tell me the power of Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: The entry level variants are equipped with 2.5-litre DI diesel engine that churns out a max power output of 63bhp and 180Nm of top torque. The top spec model gets n2.5L M2DiCR produces 63bhp and 195Nm of top torque.

Q. How is the performance of Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: The SUV offers a decent power output and torque value; however its competitor returns far better power output. When it comes to performance, this vehicle is good and it is a good product to drive through rugged Indian terrains. Powering the SUV is the 2.5-litre engine producing 63bhp and 195Nm of top torque. There is little turbo lag on low revs; however it performance well on higher rpms.

Q. What is the tyre pressure for Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: We recommend a tyre pressure of around 32-35PSI for all four tyres. When lower pressure will offer high fuel efficiency, the high pressure provides more comfort and a smoother ride.

Q. Does Mahindra Bolero have safety airbags?

Ans: The top-spec model is equipped with dual airbags for driver and its co-occupant, while the lower spec model misses out on airbags.

Q. What is the price of Mahindra Bolero in India?

Ans: The entry level model is priced at Rs. 5.97 lakh, while the top spec model costs Rs. 7.75 lakh.

Q. Does Mahindra Bolero feature an automatic transmission gearbox?

Ans: No, the SUV is only available with manual airbags. However, the company might launch the new generation Bolero with auto gearbox.

Q. Tell me the waiting period of Mahindra Bolero in India?

Ans: The waiting period of the vehicle depends upon several factors including colour, dealership, variant and city; however Mahindra normally take 1-2 week to deliver this model.

Q. Tell me cheapest and the lowest priced variant of the Mahindra Bolero in India?

Ans: Mahindra Bolero DI BS III is the cheapest variant and is priced at Rs. 5.97 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Q. Is Mahindra Bolero available in diesel version in India?

Ans: Yes, it is only available in diesel version- a 2.5-litre DI and 2.5-litre M2DiCR engines producing 63bhp and 180Nm & 195Nm of torque, respectively.

Q.  Is Mahindra Bolero available in LPG and CNG version?

Ans: No, it is only available in diesel versions.

Q. What is the acceleration and pick-up of Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: The vehicle accelerates to 100kmph from standstill in around 30 seconds, which we feel is not a good number.

Q. Which is the best engine oil for Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: We recommend you the 5W50 grade oil for the SUV.

Q. Is Mahindra Bolero available through CSD canteen?

Ans: Yes, the vehicle is available through CSD canteen. For more information, reach to your nearest CSD canteen.

Q. What is the top speed of Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: The lower spec SUV catches a top speed of 115-120kmph, while the top-end model attains a top speed of around 130kmph.

Q. What is the fuel tank capacity of Mahindra Bolero?

Ans: The vehicle has a fuel tank capacity of 60-litres.

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