Yezdi Motorcycles Are Coming Back; Anand Mahindra Reveals the Website

Yezdi Bikes India Launch

Yezdi bikes could be re-launched into India in the next 2 years and a possible debut at Auto Expo 2018 can’t be ignored.

Last year, Mahindra & Mahindra had acquired the UK-based two-wheeler maker BSA Company. The homegrown automaker is now planning to enter into the premium niche segment with BSA and JAWA brands in the country. Interestingly, Mahindra has launched the official Yezdi website, indicating that the Yezdi bikes could soon return to the Indian market. Just so you know, Mahindra had announced that it will introduce Jawa motorcycles in India in 2018.

Yezdi was one of the most popular two wheeler brands among motorcycle enthusiasts in 70s and 80s in India. These bikes were known for their on- and off-road capabilities and high performance. Despite being low on fuel efficiency, Yezdis had a cult following back then.

Yezdi bikes were manufactured by Jawa and were powered by a 2-stroke engine with twin exhausts. These bikes were produced at the Ideal Jawa plant in Mysore. Anand Mahindra recently used social media to announce the introduction of the ‘Yezdis of India’ website. Though the website do not reveal anything about the new bikes, but media reports suggest that Mahindra could launch Jawa or Yezdi bikes in India in 2018 or 2019. A possible debut at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo can’t be ignored.

Last year, Mahindra had confirmed that Jawa products are under development, and the first release will happen within the next 2 years. The new bikes will be produced at Mahindra’s Pithampur-based plant. Adding to it, the upcoming motorcycles won’t have Mahindra badge and will be sold separately through new dealerships across the country.

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