Vehicles Can Pass Freely At Toll Plazas If Waiting Time Exceeds 3 Mins

If total waiting time at toll plaza exceeds 3 minutes, commuters can leave without paying a single rupee.

If work takes you to different cities frequently or if you are a traveller and prefer driving to your destinations, here is something that may interest you. While travelling, we halt at several toll plazas to pay toll tax. Waiting in the long que, we hardly take notice of things and hurriedly pay our tax and continue on our expedition. Thankfully, advocate Hariom Jindal gave it a thought and filed an RTI last year deeming the toll tax paid within India. The information received from RTI was surprising and relieving (to many). According to it, vehicles crossing any toll plaza in India should complete the process in just three minutes and in case they fail to do so in the given time, the commuters are not bound to pay the money. I am sure most of you were unaware just like me. Read More – Indian Couple Covers 19 Countries In 72 Days

Dear all,I was told by friends that attempts have been made by Toll collection company to mislead people by wrongly…

Hariom Jindal இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: ஞாயிறு, 16 ஜூலை, 2017

In a bid to help others, Mr. Jindal even posted the official response from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) on Facebook recently. The response to his query deeming the total time required for a vehicle to wait for its turn in the que clearly mentioned that the waiting time for each vehicle in the que is around 2 minutes and 50 seconds. One must note that the waiting time is similar for every user. It also mentions that if the total waiting time exceeds 3 minutes, there is a provision to pass the vehicle without taking any fee. In case the vehicle breaks down, commuters can contact at this number-18001803636. Also Read – Tips To Enhance Resale Value Of Your Car

Thanks to advocate Jindal’s curiosity and agility that we now know about this provision. I am sure from now on we all will carry a stopwatch while travelling to keep a track of the waiting time in a bid to evade the toll tax!

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