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Uber To Invest Rs.120 Crore In Haryana

Uber India

Similar MoUs between Uber and other state governments are already in play where it is working hand-in-hand with them on technological innovation implementation and infrastructure improvement.

Uber, the well-known cab service provider, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Haryana Government. The agreement took place at the Haryana Global Investors Summit 2016 which was held with the sole aim of bridging gaps between potential investors, entrepreneurs, senior Government officials, decision makers, and the local business community.

As per the MoU, Uber is obligated to make a substantial investment in services regarding technology-based ridesharing which will include peer-to-peer commutation through private vehicles. For these journeys, the driver will be compensated for tolls, expenses, and other relative costs. The company will also be collaborating with the state government for creating smarter cities.

In words of the Secretary of Information Technology of Haryana Government, Vijayendra Kumar, “We are pleased to partner with Uber in Haryana, as they commit to economic development of the State. Haryana has been a leader in promoting Information Technology and we are excited to launch private vehicle ridesharing to promote urban mobility, prevent pollution and reduce the time spent in traffic in our cities.”

In response to this, the General Manger of Uber North India, Gagan Bhatia, replied,”We are excited to partner with the Government of Haryana and invest in the ridesharing technology to promote efficient, eco-friendly and smart transportation in the state and the NCR region.” It is to be noted that this kind of association is unique which will work towards making commutation simpler and better for common people.

The integration of latest technology in rides will definitely make movement simpler within state from one place to another. As for Uber, it is next victory in its expansion plan as the company has already been successful in signing similar MoUs with other state governments including that of Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and a few others. It will be taking similar initiatives in all these states.

Source: TOI

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