Toyota FT-AC Concept Is A Serious Off-Roader For The Adventurers

Toyota FT AC Concept 1

One of the highlights of the concept is the detachable infrared cameras equipped on the wing mirrors.

Toyota has unveiled a concept model at the ongoing Los Angeles Motor Show which is grabbing eyeballs for its butch looks, off-roading credentials and advanced-tech. Aimed at the US market, the concept christened Future Toyota Adventure Concept or FT-AC is a serious off-roader, which could soon hit production based on the response received by the public in LA.

A close look at the model reveals that it is primarily an evolved version of the FT-4X concept with a compact silhouette. If the concept hits production, it will be restricted to the North American market. The butch styling that supports its off-road character includes use of elements such as LED clusters placed below headlamps, fat off-road tyres, meaty fenders and roof rack with LED lamps. Read – Toyota Rush Compact SUV

Toyota FT AC Concept Picture Gallery 

Additionally, the recovery skid plates at front and rear as well as the recovery hooks inject aggression to the overall appearance. What goes unnoticed are the chunky wheel arches at the side. Along with an all-wheel-drive pure gas engine, Toyota could as well come up with a hybrid version. One of the highlights of the concept is the detachable infrared cameras equipped on the wing mirrors that can capture all the fun moments of your excursion. This is indeed a car for all the social networking worms who can directly upload posts on their social handles like Instagram etc. Read – Toyota Vios To Challenge Hyundai Verna & Honda City

Another interesting feature is the retractable bike rack and detachable fog lights that can be attached to the bike. Interestingly, these lights can be used as a camping lamp or provide brighter vision during night. Sadly, most of these features are expected to be left out in the production version (if that happens). Though, in the internet-age where people like sharing details of their day-to-day events on social media, who knows, if some of the video capturing system is retained.

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