Tesla Cybertruck – 12 Cool Features That Make It A Super Truck

Tesla Cybertruck Features

Tesla Cybertruck, the all-new electric pickup from the American carmaker, has become a talking point ever since its unveiling on Thursday night in Los Angeles. And here’re 12 reasons why everybody is talking about it.

1. Ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel built

The Tesla Cybertruck has been cladded in the same ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel that’s will be used for the SpaceX’s upcoming Starship spaceship. For people not in the know, SpaceX is Eon Musk owned company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Tesla Cybertruck Bookings

2. Armored glass

The windows of the Tesla Cybertruck are made of ‘Tesla Armor Glass” that’s claimed to be impenetrable. Read – Tesla Cybertruck Will Join Dubai Police Patrol Fleet In 2020

3. Shell durable to dents, damage and corrosion

The carmaker claims that the durable stainless steel shell of the electric pickup reduces impact of dents, damage and corrosion.

Tesla Cybertruck Features

4. Three Engine configurations

Tesla Cybertruck comes with three engine options – Single Motor RWD (Rear-Wheel Drive), Dual Motor AWD (All-Wheel Drive) and Tri Motor AWD. Read – Tesla Cybertruck Gets 2.50 Lakh Bookings In Just 5 Days

5. Range over 800 kms

The top-end tri motor AWD variant offers a range over 800 km in a single charge. The single and dual motor versions deliver a range of over 400km and over 480km respectively.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

6. Tri-motor trim does 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds

The tri-motor version of the electric pickup accelerates 0-60mph in less than 2.9 seconds. The base model, on the other hand, can hit 96kmph under 6.5 seconds. Read – Tesla Cybertruck Spotted on Public Roads

7. Payload capacity up to 3,500 pounds

The Tesla Cybertruck offers a payload capacity of up to 3,500 pounds (which is around 1587kgs).

Tesla Cybertruck Towing Capacity (1)

8. Towing capacity over 14,000 pounds

The electric pickup from Tesla can tow over 14,000 pounds (which is around 6350kgs).

9. Lockable cargo area of 100 cubic feet

The Tesla Cybertruck measures 6.5 foot in length and offers a cargo bed of 100 cubic feet (2.8m3). The rear cargo area can be locked via a “Magic” tonneau cover.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior

10. Seats for 6 passengers

Despite being a truck, the Tesla Cybertruck offers enough seating space for 6 adult passengers.

11. Onboard power sockets

The electric pickup from Tesla comes with 120 volt and 240 volt power outlets along with an onboard air compressor. It turns it into a mobile power station.

Tesla Cybertruck On Road

12. Adaptive air suspension

The Tesla Cybertruck has been equipped with adaptive air suspension that enables it to adjust its height as per the road conditions.

Prices of the pickup range from $39,900 for the single motor RWD variant to $69,900 for the twi-motor AWD trim. The range-topping version with self-driving will cost an additional $7,000. The carmaker has confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck will enter into production in late 2021.

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