Super Cool Accessories That Will add Swag to your car

Super Cool Car Accessories

Here we bring you some of the fanciest and useful accessories that will add a dash of swag to your car

We all aspire. Someone who owns a two-wheeler wants to have a four-wheel that will save him/her from the scorching heat & spine chilling cold waves. And someone who owns a regular car wants to buy something more plush & luxurious. This chain never stops and such aspirations keep on growing but ….. the budget never grow at the same pace. So, we’ve tried our level best to find some of the fanciest and useful accessories that’ll add a dash of swag to your current ride. Also Read – Deliciously Modified Hyundai i20s in India

Daytime running LEDs:

Originally introduced for improving safety, the Daytime running LEDs or popularly known as DRLs is a hot accessory nowadays. It was first used in Europe where visibility is an issue during foggy days and becomes almost impossible to see oncoming cars.  However, it caught on as a stylish accessory and the real purpose was left behind.

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Except the high initial investment, there’s hardly any con attached to these lights. Alongside the aesthetic appeal, the DRLs also help better visibility on our poorly lit roads. Also, don’t worry about your car batteries as these lights use very little electricity and have virtually no effect on that. *Bling Bling*

Dynamic Turn Indicators:

Dynamic Turn indicators also known as sweeping indicators is an eye-catchy feature seen in most Audis. While turning your car, the LED indicator runs outwards in the direction in which the car is turning. It looks supercool and lends a premium appeal. Also Read – Top 5 Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift

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We’re not sure if you’ll be able to find this aftermarket accessory for a sub-10 lac car but most offerings above that range get it. Currently, the dynamic turn indicators are really popular amongst Honda City and Hyundai Creta owners.

360 Degree Cameras:

While most of our roads have gone over-crowded, it’s nearly impossible to keep your car scratch free. So, prevention is better than cure and get your car equipped with this very useful accessory. This will not only help you to carve your way through a cramped lane but also help in parking at tight spots. A lot of high-end especially cars bigger in size offer this feature.

Cooled/Hot Seats:

This is a must feature for every car in a hot country like ours. Our summers are torturous and sitting on leatherite(synthetic leather) seats is such a pain. Fabric has turned outdated and leather is expensive therefore most of our regular cars get this synthetic material seats. So, ventilated seat is an essential accessory that will keep you cool & comfortable. Expensive cars already come with such seats where temperature can be regulated. It is basically a thermo-electric pad that can be plugged into car’s regular socket and temperature can be adjusted.

Rear car seat entertainment:

If driving is not your cup of tea and a chauffeur driven option is what you prefer – this is a must for your car. A rear seat entertainment package will help you to kill hours of boredom in traffic and also keeps you entertained. The package includes small LCD screen that can play your favourite video or audio file via USB or any other connected device.

If someone compliments you for any of these accessories in your car ….. You know whom to thank 🙂 Stay Connected to ICN for more such articles!

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