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Salman Khan Launches e-bicycle Range Under Being Human

Being Human ecycle

Prices of the e-bicycle range start from Rs 40,000 and go up to Rs 57,000.

In a battle to bring down pollution levels in India, Bollywood’s megastar, Salman Khan today launched his range of e-bicycles that will be retailed through Being Human.  Prices of the e-bicycle range start from Rs 40,000 and go up to Rs 57,000. The e-bicycles carry a battery pack and a small motor that is equipped on the hub of the rear wheel. The motor provides impetus to propel the bicycle, reducing on the force exerted by the rider. This is especially helpful while climbing steep slopes.

Besides, the bike also comes with five driving modes that help manage the level of assistance from the electric motor. Sources in the know reveal that the e-bicycle was being developed from the last 1.5 years. The e-bicycles offer a range of 30kms and are claimed to attain atop-speed of 25kmph. Photo Gallery – King Khan’s Collection Of Exotic Cars

The charitable organisation ‘Being Human’ was founded in 2007 by Salman Khan that provides help to the underprivileged in India. Besides, the actor also runs a chain of clothing and accessories stores under the Being Human brand. The 51 year old actor, who has been spotted riding bicycles across the Mumbai roads, came up with the idea of e-bicycles. He tasked his team to develop the bicycle which according to sources, has been tested successfully.

Just so you know, one does not require a license to ride e-bicycle or it doesn’t need to be registered unlike private and commercial vehicles. Additionally, it can also be ridden like a standard bicycle with pedals. Check Out – Akshay Kumar’s Cars Collection

Being Human e bicycle

There has been a surge in demand for e-bicycles in the past few months. However, India is still on its way to adapt to the green vehicles and bi-cycles that is still a common mode of transportation in smaller towns and cities.

Known for his Eid releases, Salman Khan and his younger brother Sohail Khan will unite once again on the silver screen in his next film ‘Tubelight’, slated for release on June 23, 2017.

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