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Royal Enfield 750cc Bike in the Works!

The 750cc motorcycle will be Royal Enfield’s global product, but could be launched first in the Indian market.

  • Vikas Yogi
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Royal Enfield 750cc bike india

It’s no secret that Royal Enfield is working on a 750cc engine for its upcoming global products. Though the motorcycle maker hasn’t still commented anything about the launch timeline of its 750cc bike, its testing has begun. Good folks at Motorcycle News got their hands on the spy pictures of a test mule featuring a 750cc, twin-cylinder, carbureted engine. The motorcycle was spotted in Spain.

The engine has been fitted to the frame of the continental GT, but with some modifications. The bike’s rear section has been cut down to accommodate bigger engine. However, there is still no clarity if the final version of the motorcycle will look like the spotted test mule or will have a different design. Since the engine isn’t fuel injected, it will not be made available in Europe and there is a possibility of the company working on an FI engine to meet European standards. This, however, gives a hint at the launch of this bike in the India which is the biggest market for the Eicher Group-owned motorcycle company.

The 750cc engine will also be the first all-new engine from Royal Enfield in several years, as it mainly has been tweaking its existing single-cylinder motor for different bikes. This will be the cleanest and most advanced engine in RE lineup.


Royal Enfield 750cc bike side

The Royal Enfield 750cc will also be the company’s first bike from Royal Enfield Technology centre, Britain which was setup last year. This centre is currently working on several new bike that can be sold globally. In a bid to make its bikes future ready and compatible to most markets, the company has recently bought the popular frame builder Harris Performance.

The company has also recruited former Ducati and Cofederate designer Pierre Terblanche, former Triumph product head Simon Warburton and ex Xenophya Design heads Ian Wride and Mark Wells. All these measures clearly show how Serious Royal Enfield is about its global expansion plans.

Thailand is one of those international markets that RE is aggressively look at. The Southeast Asian country has a really large commuter base and more and more people are now upgrading to mid-size motorcycles at affordable prices, and Royal Enfield is looking that as an opportunity.

Royal Enfield 750cc bike rear

Royal Enfield 750cc bike launch

The report claims that the production version of the Royal Enfield 750cc will be unveiled in 2017, and enter Europe in 2018. We too expect this bike to first enter the Indian market. Upon its launch it will take on the Harley Davidson Street 750, which is the most affordable from the American motorcycle maker.



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