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Find Out What All Cars Renault Will Bring To 2018 Auto Expo

Here’s a look at upcoming Renault cars at Auto Expo 2018.

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Renault Cars at Auto Expo 2018

Renault has a couple of models up its sleeve, that are likely to be showcased at the biennial event.

With half of the year gone already, excitement is mounting up for the next year’s Auto Expo that is slated to commence from February 9 up to February 14, 2018. In between, we will see more car launches during the festive season before wrapping up the current year. While festive season will bring new cars for customers, the 2018 Auto Expo will give us a peek into the automakers’ plans for the Indian market in the next two years. Acquiring stability in the Indian market, the French auto giant, Renault has a couple of models up its sleeve that are likely to be showcased at the biennial event. Here’s a look at upcoming Renault cars at Auto Expo 2018.

1. New Renault Duster

New 2018 Renault Duster Rear

The SUV that led to the current craze for SUVs in India is all set to step into a new generation. We are talking about Renault Duster that is likely to be launched by 2018-2019. In India, Duster is among the popular models in the SUV segment that has witnessing constant demand over the years. Interestingly, this would be the first-generation leap for Duster, which was first launched in 2012. The SUV will receive comprehensive design changes, a seven-seat layout and new features. Unlike the international version, the India-bound model is likely to be built on the BO/Logan platform which will be modified to allow changes. Under the hood, it will vary for different markets, while the transmission choices will be retained. Ahead of its launch in India Duster will be displayed alongside other upcoming Renault cars at Auto Expo 2018. Read More

Expected LaunchEither 2018 or 2019
Expected PriceRs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh

2. Renault Koleos

New Renault Koleos 2017 India side profile

With the demand for premium SUVs going through the roof and revised tax slab under GST, Renault could consider bringing Koleos SUV to India. The SUV has already been showcased at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show and Paris Motor Show, while it is now readying for its next stint at the 2018 Auto Expo. Cosmetically, it will be revised with new elements on the outside, while interior will also receive new high-end features such as a 7.0-inch infotainment system, a Bose music system with 12 speakers, Nappa leather upholstery etc. While globally, Koleos is available in two engine options, details for the Indian model are yet obscure. As Renault plans to launch it early next year, the SUV could make its debut at the next year’s Auto Expo. Read More

Expected LaunchEarly next year
Expected PriceRs 24 lakh to Rs 28 lakh

3. Renault Megane

2017 Renault Megane Sedan India 5

Upon its return to India, Renault launched premium models including Fluence sedan, albeit the car is no longer available for retail, Renault is now planning to bring a new sedan, ‘Megane’. The sedan will be based on Renault-Nissan’s CMF platform and is likely to be inspired by Talisman sedan in terms of design. In the executive sedan segment, the premium offering will take on the likes of Toyota Corolla Altis, Hyundai Elantra and Skoda Oactavia among others. For the Indian market, Renault could add petrol and diesel engines to the line-up with a choice between manual and CVT transmissions. Being a new completely new product, the Megane is among the highly anticipated upcoming Renault cars at Auto Expo 2018. Read More

Expected LaunchSometime in 2018
Expected PriceRs 15 lakh to Rs 18 lakh

4. Renault Kwid Compact SUV

Renault Kwid compact SUV HBC renderd

Riding high on the success of Kwid, Renault has decided to come up with a derivative of the hatchback in every 6 months. While the hatchback continues to do well, Renault is also planning to dive into the burgeoning compact SUV segment. Based on Kwid, the upcoming sedan will share platform, features and design from its donor hatchback. As for the engine options, it could come with a 1.2-litre petrol mill, while the diesel engine is likely to be left out, reports in media suggest. The transmission duties on the other hand are expected to be handled by the 5-speed manual and an Eady-R AMT gearbox. Built along the lines of Kwid, the HBC SUV will be among the several upcoming Renault cars at Auto Expo 2018. Read More

Expected Launch2018-2019
Expected PriceRs 4.5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh

5. Renault Kwid Racer

Renault Kwid Racer edition

Renault had brought two sportier derivatives of Kwid to last year’s Auto Expo namely Climber and Racer, while the former has been launched in India, the latter is expected to be seen again at the next year’s biennial event. As the name suggests, it would come with a racing style kit with aerodynamic body work, 18-inch alloy wheels and sporty low-profile tyres with sporty metallic blue finish. At the last year’s Expo, the car was also seen with a roll cage, bucket seats etc. In addition, it also sported digital rev counter, four-point harness, leather-trimmed steering wheel and telemetry data. With all these upcoming Renault cars at Auto Expo 2018, the French carmaker is set to put up a goof show at the next year’s event. Read More

Expected LaunchEarly next year
Expected PriceRs 4.25 lakh


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