Rajasthan Government to Impose Green Tax on Old Vehicles
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Rajasthan Government Proposes Green Tax On Old Vehicles

Mrs. Vasundhara Raje proposed green tax classification as per vehicle’s age in the 2016-17 Budget today.

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Taking cues from other State Governments who are working diligently to bring down pollution, Rajasthan Government today proposed green tax for old vehicles including cars and bikes. It is no hidden fact that old vehicles are biggest culprits when it comes to pollution irrespective of their location.

The Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje, forwarded the proposal of green tax in 2016-17 State Budget. Nevertheless, the state administration has waved off all kind of taxes and charges from the scooters that are being distributed by Government to female merit holders.

It is expected that such reforms will help in improving the rapidly deploring environmental conditions in state.
Despite being the head of state finance department, the first lady has deferred from giving any special grants to the transport ministry. But a number of proposals were brought forward which will bring improvement in state transportation conditions in a long run.

A 50 per cent rebate has been offered to certified tour operators who are running 13-seater buses. It is being understood that it will help in promoting tourism in the state and help increasing revenues indirectly.
The RSRTC (Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporation) received Rs.120 crore for getting over its losses. A considerable sum from this amount will be spent on reforming the depleting condition of state transport system. Also, Rs.160 Crore is being to the same for several other concessional journeys that are given to multiple categories under reservation quotas.

Under same lieu, Rs.300 Crore has been allotted to RSRTC for transferring the assets in reference to Rajasthan state bus terminal development corporation. Additional Rs.20 Crore has been sanctioned for promoting bus services in rural zones. This fund will be directed towards improvising state government services against private bus operators who are mending heavy profits from running bus services in these areas.

Source: TOI


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