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These Hi-Tech Pink Ertigas Are Used For Patrolling In Bengaluru

This high-tech Pink Houysala Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is specifically designed and developed for the security of women and children in Benagaluru

  • Shilpa Chopra
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Pink Hoysala Maruti Ertiga

Did you know that 272 ‘Pink Hoysalsa’ patrolling vehicles are exclusively dedicated to the safety of women and children in Bengaluru? If not, read on to know how it functions. If you are from Bengaluru this is something that should be in your knowledge. Dedicated to the security of women and children in the city, Pink Hoysala functions based on the complaints registered on the “Suraksha App” or through the police control room number 100. Read More – Vehicles Can Pass Freely At Toll Plazas If Waiting Time Exceeds 3 Mins

Pink Hoysala Ertiga

In April, 51 new ‘Pink Hoysala’ patrolling vehicles were launched in the city by the Chief Minister of Karnataka. These vehicles were added to the previous 221 hi-tech Ertiga taking the total number to 272. The vehicles pack in tablets that can be accessed through internet or GPS and there is at least one female officer in each vehicle. One must note that these vehicles get in-built GPRS and internet facility with Google maps. Since these vehicles are for the safety of women and children, patrolled by female officers, they come with a bright pink coloured bumper in front and rear. Other bits like the large ‘Police’ lettering along with the emblem on bonnet and either side of the car signify its purpose. Up front, the splash of pink around the bumper goes well with the all black finish around the grille, air-intakes and fog lamp housings. While it misses out on the chrome work, the alloy wheels are also missing around the tyres. Atop is the police beacon and it gets all black wing mirrors on the side. Besides, other important information like mobile number etc are also mentioned on the vehicle. Read More – Indian Couple Covers 19 Countries In 72 Days

Ertiga Pink Hoysala 2

All the SOS calls are directly transmitted to the nearest Pink Hoysala vehicle through the Suraksha App. While downloading the app requires few basic steps deeming information of the user along with name and contact number of two persons, those in distress need to just press the power button 5 times to send a signal to command centre. One must note that the Suraksha App is available for both iOS and Android users.


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