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Nissan & Zaheer Khan vs Dabbawallas – ICC WT20 Trophy Tour

India’s fast bowler, Zaheer Khan, and 5th Gear’s host, Jonny Smith, race against Mumbai’s Dabbawala to surprise some school kids with ICC World Twenty20 Trophy.

  • Shreepanjali Mod
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Nissan ICC World Twenty20 Trophy

You can watch the complete journey on Nissan's social media pages and YouTube.

The Nissan ICC World Twenty20 Trophy tour took a completely new turn when the company brought-in India’s fast bowler, Zaheer Khan, and Britain’s famous Fifth Gear host, Jonny Smith, in the game. Nissan targets the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, with its unique challenge where the race is between the popular Dabbawalas and Nissan Sunny. The two teams race with each other to prove who is the fastest service provider in narrow and traffic packed streets of Mumbai.

It is a well-known fact that the Dabbawalas are the lifeline of food delivery system in Mumbai for more than a century. There cannot be a second opinion to their speed and ability to reach destination despite all ifs-and-buts.

In the recent twist, it is Jonny Smith and Zaheer Khan navigating through the streets of Mumbai on a Nissan Sunny. The two will try to deliver the ICC World Twenty20 Trophy to a local school before the lunch could be delivered to school’s Head Coach by a Dabbawala. The Dabbawala is allowed to use train, bus, and bicycles for this purpose.

You can follow the exciting journey through a small series of short films divided into three parts. The journey would start from Churchgate Station, move all the ahead to South Mumbai, and conclude at the Bright Start Fellowship International School in the grand finale.

You can watch how the two teams get face-to-face with common people, how they interact with them, lose their way and find it back to their destination. The videos can be watched easily over Nissan’s social media pages and on YouTube via below given links:


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