Five Must Have Features in Cars – Explained

Must have features in cars besides safety

Here we bring you five must have features that according to us should be standard across segments.

In a bid to bring Indian cars on par with global models, all carmakers will have to provide airbags, antilock brakes and speed warning systems in all the cars as a mandate that comes into effect from October 2018. With these features set to be included in the standard kit, most of the automakers have already started equipping their vehicles with primary safety provisions.

As we are set to get safer cars in future, here we bring you five must have features that according to us should be standard across segments. Have a look.

1. Navigation System

Navigation System

In-built navigation system is usually absent in most of the cars, or if it is available it comes with higher trims. This feature is extremely useful considering that it reduces travelling time by giving options to a proper or shorter route, preventing you from getting lost into the lanes and bi-lanes.

2. Head Restraints

Head Restraints

Again, we do not see this feature in most of the base level variants or even in higher trims of some volume models. This could very well be confused with headrests, but it has a radically different function from the perspective of safety. These are primarily designed to protect head or restrict movement of head during a collision with maximum impact on the rear side.

3. Adjustable Comfort

Adjustable Comfort

This is primarily for the comfort of driver as he stays behind the steering wheel for most of the time in a day, driving through traffic clad roads. To make things easier for the driver, cars should incorporate adjustable steering wheel that can be raised or lowered or extended. Additionally, a height adjuster further simplifies a driver’s woes enabling to adjust the height of seat according to their height.

4. Head-Up displays

Head Up displays

A head-up display provides necessary information required by the driver such as the car speed, navigation information and options to stream music. Basically you get all the options on one screen right in front of you saving you from skewing your attention from road to centre console or dashboard.

5. Multiple 12V Power Outlet

Multiple 12V Power Outlet

Most of the new-age cars get a 12V power outlet on the centre console which is useful for charging mobile phones while on the go. This saves on time if your phone battery runs out. It is however important to have at least two power outlets one in front and one at rear, allowing rear passengers to use it for charging phone.

Besides aforementioned features other bits like USB port, spare wheel, fog lamps and defogger etc hold equal importance and should be available even with mass models.

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