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Lok Sabha Approves Motor Vehicle Bill 2016

Motor Vehicle Bill 2016

The Lok Sabha has unanimously agreed on the 28 new amendments on the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016

The Lok Sabha has unanimously agreed on the 28 new amendments on the Motor Vehicle Bill 2016. In addition to the new changes, the 68 from the current act’s 223 sections will also be revised. This includes concrete modifications including change in the compensation in hit-and-run cased from current Rs 25,000 to Rs 2 lakh. And the amount has shot up to Rs 10 lakh in case of road accidents. Furthermore, new Good Samaritan guidelines will be added to the Bill in a bid to help road accident victims better. This will extend helping hand to the families of over 1.5 lakh people who lose their lives in India every year in a fatal road accident.

Another significant clause added to the Motor Vehicle Bill 2016 deems minor driving cases, wherein parents/guardians and vehicle owners will be held guilty if anyone below the permissible age is caught driving. There has been a notable change in penalties by 10 folds such as in case of lack of license the penalty has been increased from Rs 500 to Rs 5000, for drunken driving it is around Rs 10,000 for current Rs 2000. For overspeeding, the fine has been raised from Rs 400 to Rs 1000 for LMVs and Rs 2000 for passenger cars. These penalties will be revised annually on 1st April by 10% to them on par with inflation. Read More – Auto Expo 2018 Dates, Ticket Pricing & Venue Details

The Bill also empowers state governments to hike penalties in their jurisdiction by up to 10 fold. To keep an account of the pedestrians and non-motorised population, the act has introduced a new section according to which special zones such as cycle tracks, footpaths and non-motorable tracks will be created. The new act also addresses difficulties of differently able people in getting a license issued. Furthermore, helmets for children above 4 years of age and seatbelt or child seat in cars are now mandatory. The bill will now be sent in the Rajya Sabha for review and later to President after it is passed in the Rajya Sabha.

Aside from the other changes, the new changes in the Motor Vehicle bill 2016 focus on improved transportation system. As a first step towards that the government will form a system wherein automobiles will be certified. To allow common registration and licensing process, the bill proposes to link all the applicants through UID and form one national register for driving licenses and vehicles registration. As for the testing & approving of new vehicles, agencies like ARAI have been included extent of the act. It also brings manufacturers of faulty vehicles and those who fail to meet the standardized criteria under stern scrutiny. In fact, the manufacturers can be penalized by Rs 100 crore if they are found guilty. With stern laws in force, the road contractors will not be spared and will be fined up to Rs 1 lakh for bad construction and faulty design.

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