This Custom Convertible Is Actually A Maruti 800

Modified Maruti 800 convertible Side Profile Resized

Modified by J S Design, this modified Maruti 800 convertible gets copious changes inside, out.

What if we tell you, this modified convertible will only cost you Rs 4 lakh? Well, that’s substantially less than the regular convertibles carrying lofty price tags. The only catch here is you need to own a Maruti 800. Yes, that’s true. This modified convertible car is the Maruti’s iconic 800 model that has been transformed into a convertible. India’s most loved car that ruled the roads for over two decades was taken off production few years ago. While we still miss the mini hatch, for those who own a 800 (model year 2006, 2007 or 2008) can get this new look for their car.

Modified by J S Design, this modified Maruti 800 convertible gets copious changes. Coloured in bright yellow, the custom Maruti 800 gets pronounced wheel arches, custom alloy rims with black finish and side skirts. The all-black door handles match well with the black treatment around the car. While the luggage rack on the boot and the dual exhaust tips have been booted. Up front, it gets new headlamps, that seem inspired by the Fiat Palio whereas the taillamps at the back have been sourced from the Chevrolet Spark. It also comes with a backward opening bonnet that looks cool. Read About-Meet This Modified Nissan Terrano Renamed ‘The Bull’ 

Modified Maruti 800 Convertible Pictures

Changes on the inside have been made in tandem with the exterior. The interior gets a splash of the body colour which looks a bit garish. Dashboard layout has been kept basic and the AC vents seem to be taken from the Nissan Terrano. In addition, it gets a large infotainment system, just like contemporary modern-day cars.  One of the prominent changes on modified Maruti 800 convertible is the seating layout. That said, the rear bench has been removed which makes it a two-seater only! Now that is something you need to think about as the seating capacity will be squeezed to two. Read About-Meet This Mean Honda Civic Deep Purple 

The steering wheel with MOMO lettering and the gear lever are a bit of a put off, otherwise it looks good. While it receives several new bits, the wiper stalks seem to the retained from the original car. The cloth/canvas top on the modified Maruti 800 convertible can be folded on top of the boot, implying ample space for storing luggage. Other details like the changes in chassis and engine set-up are not known. Though, what we can tell you is that this modification will cost you Rs 4 lakh (and additional 15% service tax) and it will take approximately 3 months for conversion. Read About-This Custom RE Classic 350 With Matte Yellow Finish Looks Neat

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