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Mercedes-Benz A; B-Class special editions to be launched this month

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes Benz India’s hatchbacks, A-Class and B-Class have been doing pretty well business for the German luxury auto maker in the domestic market. Before Mercedes Benz rolls out tweaked versions of both its hatchbacks, it is being said that the auto maker is planning to offer special editions of A and B Class. Facelifted versions of both the hatchbacks are underway and are slated to be launched in India by 2015. Special editions of A and B Class on the other hand are likely to be spawned in domestic market by this month, though there is no confirmation on the date when these will be launched.

Mercedes B-Class

Just like their larger sibling, C-Class, special editions of A-Class and B-Class are expected to come with several exterior modifications like extended bumper, side skirts and varied wheels. Tweaks will also be given to the interiors and we could also expect some of the additional features making their way into the special editions.

Engine configuration will remain unchanged in both the vehicles. Petrol variants will come equipped with the same 1.6 litre turbo gasoline engine that is good for 122 PS. Diesel variants on the other hand will be housed with a 2.1 litre four cylinder motor that engenders a maximum power of 109 PS. A dual clutch transmission could be paired to both the motors. Since the special edition variants will be offered with additional goodies and will sport several tweaks therefore a slight price bump is also likely.

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