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Maruti Ciaz Outsells Honda City By A Large Margin: May 2016

In May 2016, the Maruti Ciaz outnumbered its rival by a large margin of 1803. While a total of 5188 Ciaz units were sold in the month, Honda could manage to sell only 3305 units of the City.

  • Vikas Yogi
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Maruti Ciaz beats Honda City in sales

Rivalry between Maruti Ciaz and Honda City is getting quite intense with each passing month. The new-generation City that ruled the segment since its launch in 2014, has been facing some serious challenge for sometime now thanks Maruti Suzuki’s mid-sized sedan. Things started moving in favour of the Ciaz (sort of) as soon as the company rolled out the SHVS hybrid version of the last year. Due to the reduced excise duty the Ciaz received under the government of India’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMPP) and FAME schemes, it became an even more compelling buy.

It was February 2016, when Maruti Ciaz outsold the Honda City by a margin of 282 units. As against the City’s 4880 units in the month, a total of 5162 Ciaz were sold. Though the City made a comeback in March and retained its position in April, the margin was negligible. In April 2016, a total of 5793 Honda City units were sold against the Ciaz’s 5702 unit – a margin of just 91 units.

And in May 2016, the Ciaz once again outnumbered its rival and this time by a large margin of 1803. While a total of 5188 Ciaz units were sold in the month, Honda could manage to sell only 3305 units of the City. With constant month-on-month rise in the Ciaz’s sales, the battle between the two mid-sized sedans is expected to get even more fierce in months to come.

For people not in the know, Maruti Suzuki India slashed the prices of the Ciaz SHVS hybrid version in Delhi by up to Rs 69,000. The ex-showroom price of the Ciaz SHVS diesel hybrid in Delhi is now between Rs 7.68 lakh – 9.49 lakh. The Honda City diesel, on the other hand, is priced between Rs 9.3 lakh – Rs 12.4 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Brought as a replacement to the regular Maruti Ciaz diesel version, the hybrid model of the sedan’s 1.3L DDiS diesel mill now features Suzuki’s mild-hybrid system – SHVS. The mild-hybrid version of the Ciaz is claimed to return the best-in-class mileage of 28.09kmpl.


  1. Real Statistics
    July 4, 2016

    June 2016
    City : 3500+/-
    Ciaz : 2800+/-

    City : Rs. 15000 + Insurance
    Ciaz : Rs. 70000 (cash+exchange+hybrid incentive)

    Price Difference:

    City > Ciaz by Rs. 170,000 like to like variant feature to feature.

    All in all, an artificial effort by Maruti Suzuki to maintain high sales of Ciaz just so that it looks as if it has beaten City. But not!

  2. Shobheet saxena
    August 24, 2016

    CIAZ is undoublty the best in class with all features that should be in A3 sedan segment car .
    CITY is loosing its land because of high price and less features.
    CIAZ has become the new KING in this segment due to its solid features and Interiors
    with accomplishing exterior looks .

    Some of the major points highlighted:

    1> Pricing advantage .
    2>Projector headlamps IN CIAZ which is unavailable in City.
    3>Excellent internal space on both front and rear side.
    4> Feature pack in mid variant which city dosen’t provide .
    5>Excellent steering control with smooth gear shift which is very tough in city.
    6> Best Boot space in the segment.
    7> Alloy wheel and chrome styling in mid variants which is again unavailable in CITY.
    & 6 WAY dolby digital speaker system which is present again with mid variants of CIAZ .
    and these features in city are only available in higher segnet.
    9> Low maintainenece cost.
    10> Low Insurance with zero depth.
    11>AVG for petrol: 15-18.KPML in City for CIAZ
    12>AVG for Diesel: 20-25KMPL In city For Ciaz.


    I will suggest if you are looking for value for the money car with all styling and feature matching with A3 SEDAN SEGMNENT THAN GO blindly with CIAZ.


  3. KBRC
    August 24, 2016

    I was originally looking at the City but ended up with the Ciaz instead. Whatever the technical blah blah blah… about torque, horse-power, etc…I still choose the Ciaz in the end. Reasons for choosing the ciaz over the city in deceasing order of importance (for me):
    (1) The overall styling of the Ciaz looks very classy, more fresh and appealing to me. I was totally “put off” by the City’s front grill.
    (2) The Ciaz’s wheels are a big oomph factor. Looks comaparable to high end cars. I did not like City’s small wheels when put beside a Ciaz. My friends and colleagues have also noticed and remarked at the glamorous wheels! It is a definite wow.
    (3) The interior overall is symmetrical and nice. Once again I did not like the asymmetric positioning of City’s dashboard.

    Everything else did not really matter. Who cares about torque and horse power, when all we will do normally is drive to office, school and malls, etc…

    • Abhishek delhi
      September 14, 2016

      Now as per the sales Report by Maruti also CIAZ has beaten City by long margin in JULY as well.
      For June Plant of suzuki gurgaon was affected with some issue thats why less no of sales reported.

      City : 4317.
      Ciaz : 5800+/-

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