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Mother’s Day Special – Hyundai India Releases #ToughLove Commercial

Hyundai Mother's Day Ad

Hyundai India has released a unique social digital campaign that pays tribute to all the mothers for saying no to underage driving.

This Mother’s Day take a pledge to say, ‘No to Underage Driving’. Ahead of the Mother’s Day on May 14, Hyundai India has released a unique social digital campaign that pays tribute to all the mothers for saying no to underage driving. The 50 seconds long commercial christened #ToughLove showcases teenagers venting their frustration for being denied driving cars and riding bikes.

The theme of the film brings forth responsibility of mothers and the rationality behind their decisions, despite being criticised by their children. As India is moving towards becoming one of the most prominent auto markets worldwide, measures are being taken to make vehicles safer. Hyundai India, in tandem with the rising awareness for road safety, has come up with a heartfelt commercial on a very special day. Read – Insight – Are Indian Roads Safe Enough To Drive?

Eligibility Criteria in India for obtaining learner’s/permanent license-

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 (that is currently in force), no person can drive a vehicle without a driving license. The eligible age for obtaining a leaner’s license in India for a private vehicle is 16 years. It is to be noted that the applicant requires guardian or parents’ consent before applying for a learner’s license. As for the permanent license for a private vehicle, 18 years is the minimum age. For commercial vehicles, anyone with learner’s license above 20 years can apply for a permanent license. Read – #RoadsThatHonk – An Innovative Anti-Collision Vehicle Management System

What other measures are being taken by the government

With focus on road and vehicle safety, the Lok Sabha passed Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2016 earlier in April. The proposed amendments were later sent for discussions in Rajya Sabha and will be moved to the President if the house approves of the suggested changes. The key provisions of the Bill includeAadhaar number as a mandate for applying driving license, online process for obtaining learning driving license, stern penalty for contractors for bad roads, inclusion of cab aggregators in the bill, stricter penalty for drunken driving and other high-risk offences.

Aiming at the traffic offenders, the new law will cover all the important aspects for the road safety that the current three-decade old law lacks.

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