Innovation Meets Technology-Hyundai Rolls-Out World’s First Contactless Car

Hyundai Contactless Car (1)

In a first of its kind initiative, a contactless car will be used for charity across UK.

Taking innovation to a new level, Hyundai has rolled-out world’s first Hyundai contactless car that is being used for a charity initiative. The car, which is essentially its electric model Ioniq has been converted into a contactless vehicle that has five integrated contactless payment points. These contactless points can be used for donating money that will go to the Cancer Research UK.

While the contactless vehicle is gaining traction for its innovation, Hyundai clarifies the vehicle is earmarked for the charity and it does not plan to utilise the contactless technology in its cars. Read More – Upcoming Hyundai Cars In India

Current on-sale models with contactless technology

From the on-sale vehicles this technology is offered with high-end luxury vehicles including Jaguar F-Pace and XE models. Unlike Hyundai contactless car, the two Jaguar models use fuel payment technology that allow owners to pay for fuel through their infotainment unit at the Shell garages.

Innovation at its best

Interestingly, each time a donation is received, the customized Ioniq will either make an audio sound or visual cue or an electric movement as a gesture of thanks to the donors. The number plate will register each donation and display the total amount in digits.

The in-car photo booth

Another interesting feature on the bespoke Ioniq is the in-car photo booth which will enable printing photos instantly. These photos can be stuck on the car’s exterior to encourage others for donating.

To travel across the length & breadth of UK

Hyundai’s innovation will be revealed publicly this month at the King’s Cross station. It will further participate in a roadshow that will cover the entire UK. As a part of the roadshow that ends in November, the car will also be displayed at Hyundai outlets.

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