How To Improve Car’s Mileage – Top 7 Tips

How To Improve Car’s Mileage

The claimed mileage by the carmaker is derived via tests done under ideal conditions, and they vary in real time conditions.

With mercury on the rise, we all are awaiting monsoons. While summers bring a set of problems with it, those who commute in their private vehicles amid scorching heat can’t do within an air-conditioner. It is indeed a must have feature in every car. On the contrary, use of air-conditioners not only put extra load on the engine but it also hampers the fuel economy of the vehicle. While this notion is known to all, have you ever wondered what is it logic behind it, we explain.

Tests done in the recent past reveal that air conditioners affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, though it varies for every vehicle but one could see a prominent difference in mileage by a few kmpl. We all know that the claimed mileage by the carmaker is derived via tests done under ideal conditions, and they vary in real time conditions. It is believed that several factors affect the mileage like the outside temperature, humidity etc. That said, a conventional vehicle’s fuel economy is said to be reduced by over 25 per cent, particularly when driven within short distance. Read – Follow These Tips To Increase Your Car’s Life Span

How AC affects Mileage of a car

Many people believe that driving with windows down will save on the energy used by the air-conditioner, however, not many know that this increases the aerodynamic drag that requires more energy to push the vehicle through the air. One must note that this effect is insignificant at low speeds and it increases at high speeds, particularly on highways. Read – Five Things to Remember Before Buying Car Insurance Online

As for the performance, it is nearly same even when the air conditioner is on, thanks to the new-age tech. That said, almost all vehicles today come with an auto cut-off switch which temporarily switches off the compressor of the air conditioner to prevent the engine from extra load. Unfortunately, this feature is missing in cars produced in the early 2000s, save for the premium models. Read – Tips To Enhance Resale Value Of Your Car

How AC affects Performance of a car

With summers at its peak ACs are a must and here are a few tips that can help you save on fuel.

1. Park the car in shade

Parking the car under a shade will not only keep your vehicle cool but it will also reduce the evaporative emission of the fuel

2. Ventilate the car at the time of start

Open the windows when you start the car to ventilate the cabin and start the air conditioner only after the cabin temperature normalises. 

3. Keep windows rolled-up while driving

As mentioned above, keep the windows shut to reduce the aerodynamic drag to save on energy.

4. Do not brake hard

Try to avoid braking aggressively while driving, instead keep the speed slow when nearing red light and exert brake accordingly.

5. Change gears at the right time to attain desired speed

While you attain the desired speed through changing gears from lower to higher, do not accelerate hard.

6. Do not idle

It is advisable to shut the engine at red-lights to avoid wastage of fuel.

7. Keep the tires inflated as per recommendations

It is important to maintain the right pressure in the tyres (as per carmakers’ recommendation) to keep the rolling resistance in check and for curbing the air pressure. The increase in rolling resistance directly impacts the fuel economy.

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