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Honda Jazz Owner Paid Rs 1.8 Lakh Penalty For Overspeeding In A Single Year

Honda Jazz Overspeeding Penalty

For every single time, the Jazz owner paid a fine of Rs 1,470 (penalty charge 1,435 + Rs 35 user charges).

Most of us break many traffic rules almost every day. But, question is how many times in a single year? Here we have an example that broke all the records, literally! 😀 A Honda Jazz owner from Hyderabad paid a fine of Rs 1.8 lakh for over speeding in 12 months only! With registration number TS9ER2957, the Honda Jazz has been fined around 127 times from April 14, 2017 to March 10, 2018.

For every single time, the Jazz owner paid a fine of Rs 1,470 (penalty charge 1,435 + Rs 35 user charges). This makes a total of Rs 1,82,245. The hatchback was caught multiple times speeding up to 163kmph. Read: Insight – Are Indian Roads Safe Enough To Drive?

Aiming to make Hyderabad’s outer ring rod safer, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) reduced the speed limit from 120kmph to 80kmph on two lanes and 120kmph to 100kmph on both sides of the eight lane expressway in May, 2017. If you remember, Mohammad Azharuddian’s younger son – Ayazuddin had died in a high speed road accident at Puppalguda on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) in 2011.

Many accidents have been reported due to over speeding across the country. A total of 21,252 road accidents with 22,948 injuries and 7,110 deaths took place in Telangana state, claims the National Crime Records Bureau’s 2015 report. And over speeding was one of the major reasons behind the accidents, accounting for 40-50%. Read – Most Indians Don’t Wear Seatbelts Because Of These 5 Reasons

According to the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry, India registered one of the highest road accident incidents including 17 deaths and 55 road accidents in every single hour in 2016. Over speeding (66%) and using mobile phones while driving (61%) were the two main reasons behind the deaths.

That said, “SPEED has 5 letters so has DEATH, SLOW has 4 letters so has LIFE”.


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