Good Bye Mahindra Scorpio- BMW 7 Series is new Narendra Modi’s ride

Mahindra Scorpio

Narendra Modi finally becomes the Prime Minister of the country and with the formalities of taking oath over there is a huge change in his life style. Now, the new PM will have to follow several protocols including the SPG security. Finally, Narendra Modi left his personal favorite Mahindra Scorpio and the BMW 7-Series is the new ride of the new PM.

Earlier it was speculated that our newly elected PM Narendra Modi will chose the India-made Mahindra Scorpio. However, all the speculations finally get over today when he reached his new office in German’s BMW 7-Series. The Mahindra Scorpio had been Modi’s choice of wheels during the year-long campaigning across the nation.

Recently, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group has expressed his views on this issue, “It will be a matter of pride for us and for the whole nation if our new PM continues to make the India-made Scorpio his vehicle of choice.”

The BMW 7-Series, the new Modi’s official vehicle, is able to secure the passengers’ from landmine blasts to Kalashnikov’s bullets. This luxurious saloon can run long even on flat tyres and are loaded with advanced heat sensors to parish missiles and bombs as well. The fuel tanks don’t explode even on attack, while the cabin automatically turns into a gas proof chamber and offers proper supply of oxygen to secure the passenger in case of gas attack.

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