Five Big Changes In Cars In The Past 10 Years

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Here we bring you five big changes in cars in the past 10 years

Over the last decade, automakers have adopted several measures to evolve cars and their functionalities. There have been immense changes and improvements in the way automakers build cars. Here we bring you five big changes in cars in the last decade –

1. Now You Can Communicate With Cars

Now cars are talking to their owners. Let’s take some examples, your car can tell you about the fuel left in the tank and the fuel efficiency of the car. Additionally, cars now come with technologies that tell you about tire’s pressure low, if you left your trunk or doors open or even helping in parallel parking. Features like Bluetooth with voice commands make calling or messaging easy on the go. Read – 5 affordable cars with touchscreen infotainment system

2. Safer Cars

Ten years ago, majority of the cars running on Indian roads were not equipped with airbags or even ABS system. Now, dual airbags are mandatory and some cars come equipped with up to 9 airbags. Technologies like collision warning system, blind spot recognition, hill launch assist, alert sensors, reverse parking assist and others has been there to keep passengers as well as car safe. Read – Airbag, Speed Alerts, Parking sensors to be Mandatory by 2019

3. Navigation System

Even small cars below 5 lakhs come equipped with touchscreen infotainment system with in-built navigation system. 10 years ago, this feature was considered a luxury option. Also See – Cheapest Cars with reverse parking camera

4. More Frugal

10 years ago, fuel prices in India were less than 40 per litre, so having a car with high fuel efficiency wasn’t that important. In the past decade, fuel prices skyrocketed and fuel efficiency became an important parameter for buyers. Because of that increase, more fuel-efficient models have hit the market. Hybrids and electric cars are also taking shape to beat the rising fuel prices.

5. Easy to buy

Improved banking system and easy car loan options have ensured more people in India opting for four-wheelers. It is now easier to take car loans. In fact, dealers have dedicated banking officials that makes the entire process of buying a new car hassle free.

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