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Expressways Speed Limit To Be Extended To 140kmph In India

Expressways Speed Limit In India

Local authorities and police departments will still be allowed to define speed limits in areas falling under their jurisdiction.

As the vacation season closes by, series of good news seems to be floating in. Center might be considering the same when it announced its plans to increase the expressways speed limit in India from 100kmph to 140kmph. As per our highways minister Nitin Gadkari, the norms in this respect are getting modified as the number of expressways with hundred per cent access control is rising across the nation. Mr. Gadkari was recently speaking at an investor summit in Gurgaon where he asked drivers to drive vehicles on high speed on only those roads where pedestrians and slow moving vehicles are absent.

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In his words, “We will come out with separate norms since such stretches will be access-controlled with minimum entry and exit points. The speed limit on other roads will be different and safety will be the parameter for setting the norms.” As per some sources, speed restrictions in particular urban areas will be notified by the local police authorities and administration. The center gives them complete freedom to define and enforce speed limits in areas under their jurisdiction.

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It is a welcoming move in wake of the fact that speed-limit enforcement in India has been almost non-existent. It was Year 2007, when the speed limits for expressways and highways in India were defined for different vehicles. The two-wheelers were asked to adhere to speed limit of 65kmph over national highways and four-wheelers could go highest up to 100-120kmph on highways as well as expressways till now. Two-wheelers especially motorbikes were not allowed to use expressways for security reasons.

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