Emflux One, India’s 1st Electric Superbike Unveiled At Auto Expo 2018

Emflux One Features

– Scheduled to be unveiled at Auto Expo 2018, Emflux One Electric Superbike will have a top speed of 200kmph.

– Featuring 9.7kWh Samsung sourced battery, the Emflux One is claimed to achieve 0-100kmph in 3 seconds

– India’s first electric superbike will officially launch before the end of 2018-19 fiscal year.

Emflux Motors, a start-up from Bengaluru has introduced an all-new high-performance electric bike, called Emflux One at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo. This will be India’s first electric superbike, which will go on sale in 2019. Varun Mittal is the CEO of the company and 22-member team had developed this motorcycle. The company will also be setting up experience centres in three metro cities – New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Besides introducing experience centres, Emflux will also invite customers to experience the motorcycle on a race track. The company has introduced the motorcycle in its pre-production avatar and the production-ready model will be launched in 2019.

Emflux Motors is also planning to export this electric superbike to foreign countries including European nations – Canada and Mexico. The Emflux One is powered by a 60kW motor that is good for 84Nm of torque. It is claimed to achieve 0-100kmph in just 3 seconds before hitting a top speed of 200kmph. The motorcycle is claimed to have a range of 200km in City. It is also equipped with several high-end features like a 7-inch TFT intelligent instrumentation, with GPS, smartphone and bike-to-bike connectivity.

Emflux One Image Gallery

Emflux One Price

The new Emflux One electric superbike is expected to be priced around Rs 6 lakh, which will make it direct rival to middle-weight sportbikes in India. One can pre-book this motorcycle through Emflux Motors official website. Also See – Bajaj Urbanite EV Brand To Launch Electric Bikes, Scooters By 2020

Emflux One Launch Date

The company has showcased the near-production model of the Emflux One electric superbike at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo. The company will officially launch the motorcycle in early 2019. The start-up brand will also form experience centre in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai, which will allow prospective customers to test this motorcycle on race track. Also Read – Mahindra To Develop Electric Scooters For India

Emflux One Specifications, Top Speed

It is powered by a 64kW electric motor that is capable of producing 80bhp of power and 84Nm of torque. This superbike features a Lithium-ion battery, which is sourced from Samsung and it has a capacity of 9.7kWh. The Emflux One superbike accelerates to 100kmph from zero in just 3 seconds before hitting an electronically limited top speed of 200kmph.

For effective braking, the Emflux One comes with high-end Brembo brakes. It is further assisted by dual channel ABS from Continental. Additionally, this superbike comes equipped with a regenerative braking system that will store the energy released during braking and send it back to the battery. The suspension duties will be carried out by Ohlins and it gets single-sided swingarm that adds to its sporty look.

Emflux One Concept Rear

Emflux One Range

In City road conditions, this Emflux One electric superbike will have a range of 200km on single charge. The motorcycle comes with a quick charging option with a 0-80 per cent charge completing in just 1 hour 15 minues. It will also come with optional fast charging option

Emflux One Features

– Brembo brakes
– Regenerative braking system
– Ohlins suspension system
– Dual-channel ABS from Continental
– 9.7kWh Lithium-ion battery
– Instrument console with artificial intelligence capabilities & smart display
– Smartphone connectivity

It will be equipped with high-tech instrument cluster, which will have artificial intelligence capabilities and smart display. It will also be compatible with smartphone connectivity. The Bengaluru based startup will also be setting up experience centers, where customers can visit to know more about the motorcycle. Additionally, selected customers will be invited on track days to test the bike exhaustively.

Besides, the company is also working on Emflux Two which will be a naked version of the One.The new Emflux One comes with a short wheelbase of 1,395mm, while the seat height stands at 810mm. The motorcycle has a kerb weight of 169kg and has a load capacity of 200kg. The company has announced that they will also set-up 1000 WARP chargers across various locations in India and Europe.

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