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A Farmer’s Son Develops Driverless Tractor

Driverless Tractor

Interestingly, Yogesh doesn’t hold any formal engineering knowledge.

We all have played with the remote control toys when we were kids. But, how many of us thought of making one. But Yogesh Nagar, a 19 year old boy from Bamorikala village of Rajasthan has done exactly that. And it’s not a car but a ‘driverless tractor’ that many believe can be of great help to our farmers.

The story began when Yogesh’s family called him and told about his father’s health issues. He was suffering from severe leg and back pain thus making it difficult for him to drive the tractor on his farm. So, Yogesh decided to come back to village from Kota and took charge of it. He drove tractor for straight two months. Read – Upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Will Reduce Travel Time to 12 Hours!

While driving the tractor, he came up with an idea of developing a ‘remote controlled’ or driverless tractor. He shared the idea with his father who asked him to show a sample. With an initial fund of Rs 2,000 that was given by Yogesh’s father, the boy got some components and modified them to prepare the sample.

Driverless Tractor – Video

Driverless Tractor

With this incredible invention by Yogesh, India could leave many countries far behind in new methods of farming! Here’s India’s Driverless Tractor. #OMGIndia #IndiaKaNayaFilter #FullStory

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Yogesh developed a prototype tractor and drove it forward and backward. His father got convinced that he can make a remote controlled tractor for their farm. Yogesh’s father arranged money (around Rs 50,000) from his relatives and friends and asked him to make it happen in the provided budget.  Read – Carmakers Will Soon Provide Factory-Fitted Number Plates

With six months of hard work and dedication, the Rajasthan boy made a remote that can control and drive the tractor. The remote has controls for steering wheel, clutch, accelerator and brake controls to basically drive the tractor. And all this communication/instruction happens with the help of a transmitter fitted on the tractor. To put it in simple words, the transmitter works as a connector between the tractor and the remote.

For detecting path’s obstacles, Yogesh has used sensors in the tractor which help identify the bad patches and convey the same with the help of the transmitter. The remote can move the tractor up to a distance of 1.5 kilometers. He is driving the driverless tractor for the last six months. Interestingly, Yogesh doesn’t hold any formal engineering knowledge. He recently passed 12th standard, and is pursuing B.Sc course in Kota. Read – India Set To Get Bullet Trains In Multiple Cities

Now, the Rajasthan boy aims to develop driverless tanks for the Indian army. For achieving this, he wants funds under Government of India’s ‘Make-In-India; initiative. Besides this, he developed an anti-theft machine that alerts the house owner if anyone tries to break or enter into the house. He also invented a smart power saver that automatically switches off the lights of an empty room.

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