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Delhi To Get Bike Ambulances In 3 Districts From January

Delhi Bike Ambulance

The First Responder Bike Ambulances will be introduced in phased manner, initially 16 FRVs will be introduced.

Traffic conditions in India’s metropolitan cities are menacing that leads to delays especially when an ambulance carrying a patient gets stuck in jam-packed roads. To counter this situation, Lt. Governor Anil Baijal along with Health Minister Satyendar Jain, Delhi Police officials and Medical Superintendent collectively decided on deploying ‘First Responder Bike Ambulance’ in three districts of Delhi from January next year. With the FRAs, it will be easy to tackle roads swarming with vehicles during the peak traffic hours in Delhi’s East, North east and Shahadara districts. The FRVs will be introduced in phased manner, initially 16 FRVs will be introduced. Read – Odd-Even Scheme Is Back in Delhi 

Another objective of introducing First Responder Bikes is to improve emergency services and to provide quick pre-hospital care response in those areas that encounter congestion during peak traffic hours. These bikes will complement and supplement the existing ambulances. Read – Get Your Vehicle Insured Or Get Behind The Bars

The First Responder Vehicles will be driven by trained paramedics. To assist the patients or needy person better, there will be a first aid kit, medicines etc. In case you are wondering how this will work, here is a quick walk through. The FRV paramedics would ride to the requested site and access the patient’s condition to provide first aid or any other medicine required to stabilize the medical condition until the ambulance reaches the site. Read – Zoomcar Launches PEDL Bicycle Sharing Service in Three Cities

Since FRVs can reach the needy person quickly, driving through jammed traffic, it will be easy to provide medical assistance to the patients or those injured in an accident and stabilize their condition. Furthermore, the FRVs will involve low operation and maintenance cost.

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