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Delhi High Court Stays Ban On Bullbars Till April 18

Crash Guards Banned in India

The Ministry of Highways and Road Transport had issued a letter to the transport commissioners of all states in India.

The Indian Ministry of Highways and Road Transport (MORTH) had banned the unauthorized fitment of crash guards/bull-bars on cars and SUVs in December, 2017. The Delhi High Court, however, has put a stay on this and ordered authorities to not issue challans till April 18, 2018. The decision has been made on the basis of a plea filed by a bullbars’ manufacturer and supplier. The court has also asked the ministry to give clarification on the issued notification.

In December 2017, the ministry had decided to enforce this ban considering the safety issues and accidents caused by crash guards. The government body issued a letter to the transport commissioners of all states across the country. The letter advised the state governments to ban crash guards on cars and SUVs, and take action against vehicles that run with this accessory. Read – Most Indians Don’t Wear Seatbelts Because Of These 5 Reasons

According to the Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act, it is illegal to have unauthorised fitment of crash guards on cars and SUVs, and strict action will be taken against such vehicles. Under the Section 190 and 191 of the Motor Vehicles Act, the vehicles with crash guards will be charged with penalties.

Most of us have an impression that a crash guard protects our vehicle from any massive damage, and gives it a macho look. On the flip side, the crash guard might cause some serious injuries (or even death) to the car occupants in case of major accidents. In fact, it might also cause massive injuries to pedestrians in minor accidents or crashes. Read: New Motor Vehicle Act – All Rules and Regulations Explained

During major accidents, the crash guard could smash the chassis of the car and stop the car’s crumple zones functioning. For people not in the know, the crumple zones of the car absorb the energy of an impact of crumple or deformation during collision and prevent it from being transformed to the passengers. If your car has airbags, it might also hamper their deployment during a crash or an accident. Read – Airbags & Other Safety Features Mandatory in All Indian Cars From Oct 2017

Besides this, the crash guard or bull-bars affect performance and fuel efficiency of your car. These are made up of heavy steel that increases the overall weight of the vehicle. Heavier the car gets, the mileage reduces.

So, it is advisable to remove the crash guards or bull-bars from the cars. Now it isn’t only about your safety, but penalties as well! 😀

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