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“Buy Petrol, Get Bike Free” Offer at Some Fuel Stations in MP

MP Fuel Price

Tthe locals are also avoiding the fuel stations in the state and moving across the border.

Fuel prices have hit the country so badly that people have been cutting their expenses down on petrol and diesel. Madhya Pradesh has the highest VAT (Value Added Tax) on petroleum products, thus making it one of the most expensive states to purchase fuel. Currently, the state has 22 per cent and 27 per cent VAT on diesel and petrol respectively. Read – India To Get Uber Flying Taxis In Next 5 Years

Due to major price difference, the commercial vehicles and truckers passing via MP are refueling their vehicles in nearby states. In fact, the locals residing in border districts are avoiding the fuel stations in the state and getting their vehicles filled from the neighbouring states . This has decreased the fuel sales up to an extent in Madhya Pradesh. Read – 7 Days Jail Without Bail For Drunk Drivers In Goa

In order to deal with the situation, the petrol pump owners in MP have come up with an interesting idea.  They are offering free bike, laptop, air conditioner and automatic washing machines on purchase of petrol and diesel.

Anju Khandelwal, a pump owner, said, “For purchase of 100 litres of diesel, a truck driver will get breakfast and tea for free.” Read – No Need to Carry Your License and RC, Keep Soft Copies in DigiLocker

“We are offering a mobile, a bicycle, or a wrist watch for 5,000 litres, for 15,000 litres an almirah, a sofa set or a 100gm silver coin. On purchase of 25,000 litres of diesel customers can get an automatic washing machine, for 50,000 litres a split AC or a laptop and for one lakh litres we have offered a scooter or motorcycle,” he said.

Interestingly, these offers have really been working for the pump owners. Most of the drivers are buying 100 litres of petrol to get free breakfast and discounts. Read – Manufacturers, Sellers of Non-ISI Helmets Can Go To Jail

Manoj Arora, a petrol pump proprietor, revealed that the over 125 fuel station owners in MP’s border districts including Ashok Nagar and Shivpuri are badly affected due to major price difference. In these areas, the fuel price difference is around Rs 5 per litre for diesel.

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