Bihar Government Prohibits All Diesel Vehicles Aged More Than 15 Years

Ban on diesel vehicles in Bihar

The Government plans to improve traffic conditions in all cities by increasing vigilance on traffic rules violations and other related matters.

The Bihar Government has announced to ban all diesel vehicles that are more than 15 years old. The decision aims at decreasing the pollution level in the state. The government also issued directives to keep a check on premium diesel vehicles whose engine capacity equals or is above 2000cc. As per the State Transport Minister, Mr. Chandrika Rai, the government wishes to be more vigilant in this respect. Therefore, lot many steps have been taken to make things easier for common man.

The state administration will consider the vehicles registration at automobile dealers directly excluding the role of middlemen in district level transport offices.  The minister also acknowledges the problems being created by over-indulgence of middle man in transport offices. It creates complications for license and other related matters.  Special directives will be sent to the traffic police department to see that all buses and autorickshaws halt at their allotted spots. It will help in improving traffic conditions in urban areas.

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From now onwards, the administration will keep a close watch on violation of traffic norms in all cities. A joint plan will be chalked with home ministry to reduce pollution on all possible levels in cities. The department has collected more than Rs.69, 000 as fine for traffic regulation violations in the last few days. An additional Rs.4.33 Crore has been collected from buses and autos for traffic rules violation from April 2015 to January 2016.

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Sushil Modi, the leader of opposition in the state assembly, reacted to these directives with a suggestion that the government should also take necessary steps with respect to pressure horns. Horns like these are very harmful for environment and should be banned immediately. All these steps come in wake of a recent fact file that revealed that Bihar’s capital, Patna, is one of the most polluted cities of India. Let’s hope these initiatives don’t stop at papers and are actually followed up to the last chain of command.

Source: TOI

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