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5 CNG Cars That You Can in Under Rs 5 Lakh!

Best CNG Cars in India Under Rs 5 Lakh

CNG cars are now coming in demand especially in the Metro cities where driving distances are high while the fuel prices are higher up! The lower running costs are quite favourable for those who drive more than 40kms a day because a factory fitted CNG car costs you more than petrol variant usually. Here we bring you the list of 5 best CNG cars in India that have been running pretty successfully and have received a lot of appreciation in terms of the performance.

1. Maruti Alto 800 CNG

2016 Maruti Alto 800 New front

The Maruti car that falls among the 5 best CNG cars in India is overall a much loved car. The Maruti Alto 800 is known for being the leading choice of drivers who are buying their first cars. The Alto 800 CNG is quite efficient, and manages to deliver 33.44km/kg. The CNG variant of the car is powered by a 796cc petrol engine that returns an impressive 24.7kmpl. While running on CNG, the car produces a maximum power of 47bhp at 6000rpm, while on petrol it develops 47bhp at 6000rpm. The maximum torque produced by the car is 69Nm at 3500rpm when working on petrol and 60Nm when being driven on CNG.

With the CNG power mill, the car uses a 5 speed manual cable type gear shift which further adds to the pleasure of driving. Using the Aero edge design, the company offers the Alto 800 in metallic and non-metallic colour options. The LXi CNG is priced at Rs. 3.7 lakh in metallic colours and at Rs. 3.66 lakh with non-metallic shades. The LXi (O) which is the LXi variant with airbags; is offered at a price of Rs. 3.76 lakh for metallic and Rs. 3.72 lakh for non-metallic colours.

2. Maruti Celerio Green CNG

Maruti Celerio

Maruti Celerio Green is another one of the small cars from the stable of Maruti Suzuki that is offered with the clean fuel option. The car uses bi-fuel option for smoother and longer drives while using the iGPI CNG technology that is combined with a fuel inlet with micro switch for added safety. Being of the best CNG cars in India, CNG Maruti Celerio is quite efficient as well. It is capable of producing 31.79km/kg when switched to petrol, and delivers 22.62kmpl of fuel efficiency.

With a 5 speed manual transmission, the petrol engine can deliver 67bhp at 6000rpm, while at the CNG mode it offers 58bhp at the same rpm. The maximum torque produced by the 998cc K10B petrol engine is around 90Nm at 3500rpm, and with CNG it can deliver 78Nm at 3500rpm. The dual on board computer gives the car an easy changeover switch that further enhances performance. The Celerio Green VXi (O) is priced at Rs. 5.11 lakh, whereas the Celerio Green VXi is priced at Rs. 4.99 lakh.

3. Maruti WagonR CNG

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R AMT

Another one from the stables of Maruti Suzuki to make it to the list of 5 best CNG cars in India, is the tall boy hatchback – the Maruti WagonR. This car has been appreciated for its spacious interior and practicality. Though, it looks boxy with taller stance and a narrow wheelbase. With the CNG fuel option, the car has definitely risen in terms of popularity and much so because it is definitely fitted with quite a few features and the mileage of the car is also at par.

With the K10 998cc petrol engine, the WagonR CNG offers a 58bhp at 6200rpm, while the petrol engine delivers 67bhp at 6200rpm. The maximum torque produced by the car is 77Nm at 3500rpm in the CNG mode, and 90Nm at 3,500rpm in the petrol mode. The WagonR CNG is available with a manual transmission, and returns 20.51kmpl and 26km/kg in petrol and CNG driving modes respectively. The ex-showroom prices for WagonR CNG start at Rs. 4.63 lakh for LXi and Rs. 4.82 lakh for LXi (O).

4. Tata Nano eMAX 

Tata Nano eMAX

Tata Nano has been the talk of the town for those who look for a small budgeted car that can comfortably seat 2, though can fit 4 as well. Tata Nano recently saw massive improvement in the quality as well as features which that once again brought it in the eyes of the auto market. With the bi-fuel petrol and CNG, the Tata Nano eMax gets a sequential gas injection system with a calibrated intelligent advanced engine management system. This helps the car switch modes quite easily and smoothly.

One of the best CNG cars is India; Tata Nano uses a 624cc engine that belts out a maximum power of 32.5bhp at 5500rpm in the CNG mode and 37.5bhp while being driven in the petrol mode. The torque produced by the car is 45Nm at 3500rpm CNG mode and 51Nm at 4000 rpm while being driven in the petrol mode. The CNG version of the hatchback returns a claimed mileage of 36km/kg, and 25.4kmpl when in the petrol mode. The Tata Nano eMax is available at Rs. 2.88 lakh at ex-showroom New Delhi.

5. Tata Indica eMAX

Tata Indica eMAX

Tata Indica eMAX is another one from the stables of Tata Motors to make it to the best CNG cars in India. Similar to the Nano eMAX, the Indica eMAX uses a bifuel option with its 1.2-litre MPFi engine. Tata Indica has been quite a deal especially in terms of cabs because it is pretty efficient and on the inside, it is very comfortable. The Indica eMAX CNG comes with two variants – GLS and GLX – priced at Rs. 3.99 lakh and Rs. 4.26 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

The petrol driving mode delivers a maximum output of 65bhp at 5000rpm whereas in the CNG mode it can deliver 55bhp at 5200rpm. The maximum torque produced by the car in its petrol driving is 100Nm at 2700rpm, and 90Nm at 2650rpn in the CNG mode. The fuel efficiency of the Tata Indica eMAX is around 23.7km/kg.

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