Audi TT off-road concept unveiled- Specs, pictures & Video

Audi TT off-road concept

German luxury carmaker Audi has unveiled the TT off-road concept at the Beijing Motor Show.

“The Audi TT offroad concept provides a glimpse of how we might imagine a new model in the future TT family,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development.

The Audi TT off-road concept is 4.39 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and a wheelbase of 2.63 meters, which resembles the Q3 SUV. At 1.53 meters tall, however, it is 8 centimeters (3.2 in) shorter, making its sporty character obvious at first glance. The vehicle offers the sporty character of the TT design but it has the required masculine like high ground clearance and taller wheels.

The Audi TT off-road concept is powered by a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine that churns out a maximum power output of 293bhp and 380Nm of top torque. This petrol unit is coupled to two electric motors that produce an additional 114bhp and 270Nm of top torque. When combined, they return a massive 407bhp and 650Nm of torque.

This model accelerates to 100kmph from standstill in just 5.2 seconds and attains a top speed of 250kmph (80kmph when running solely on electric power). While running on electric motor it will do kmph, in hybrid model it can run up to 880km.

The interior of the Audi TT offroad concept offers space for four. The rear seat can accommodate two adults comfortably. The slim sport seats with integrated head restraints ensure lateral hold. The side bolsters of the front seats are very strongly contoured.

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