Different Types of Number Plates and Their Significance

Date: May 20, 2017 2:00 PM
  • Have you ever wondered how the world would be without colours? The red flower, the blue sky, the yellow sun, colours are everywhere and they bring cheerfulness. Even the traffic system uses different coloured lights on a global level to manage vehicles, red means ‘stop’, green means ‘go’ and yellow means you take it slow (inspired from a kindergarten rhyme). Interestingly, the number plates too have different colours and yes, you guessed it right, they signify something. What? We will find out in our story below.

  • White Number Plate with Black Lettering - This is the most common one that you see on your car. The white number plate with black lettering is earmarked for private vehicles. This signifies that the vehicle is for private use only and it cannot be used commercially.

  • Yellow Number Plate with Black Lettering - How do you differentiate between a private and a commercial vehicle? Well, it is easy, by their nameplate that bears different colours. Next time you book a ride via Uber or Ola, look at the yellow name plate with black lettering. For that matter, the yellow name plate with black lettering is used in commercial vehicles like trucks, taxis etc. Image Courtesy - Quora

  • Black Number Plate with Yellow Lettering - These are also commercial vehicles that can be rented for self-driving. Usually, such vehicles are found at airports etc. The only catch is that the driver who rents the vehicle does not require a commercial driving permit. Image Courtesy - Quora

  • Light Blue Number Plate with White Lettering - Vehicles with light blue number plate and white lettering are used by foreign consulates. The CC, UN and CD on the number plates signify Consular Corps, United Nations and Diplomatic Corps respectively. Image Courtesy - Team-BHP

  • Number Plate with An Arrow Pointing Upward - This system is used in the military vehicles. Just so you know, these numbers are registered by the Ministry of Defence, in the capital city of India (New Delhi). The unique numbering system comprises of an upward arrow (usually the first or third character), called the Broad Arrow, which is used in several parts of the British Commonwealth. Interestingly, the two digits following the Broad Arrow depict the year in which the vehicle was procured.

  • Red Number Plate - The vehicles used for official purpose by the President of India and the governors of states have no license plate. Instead, they carry an Emblem of India (painted in gold) on a red background.

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