The Man Behind Tata Nano Drives These Luxurious Cars

Date: May 20, 2017 3:36 PM
  • Ratan Tata Cars Collection

    The heir to an empire he (Ratan Tata) established further during his tenure as the Chairman of Tata Sons knows how to live life king size. Ratan Tata or more commonly known as the man behind the ambitious Nano project, is one of the most affluent business tycoons of his time. While Tata Motors, the automotive division under the Tata Group is recognized as a brand for manufacturing volume products, the company’s British owned Jaguar-Land Rover is a globally renowned name that builds luxury vehicles. Interestingly, the erstwhile head honcho of Tata Sons has an inclination for large luxury vehicles and owns a huge fleet of cars with some of the most celebrated model. Here’s a list of the most desirable cars from RatanTata’a car collection, have a look.

  • Ratan Tata California

    1. Ferrari California - The car that tops the list in Ratan Tata’s car collection is this prancing horse. In fact, what makes it special is the fact that it was one of the few models in India back then when Ratan Tata bought it. Powered by the 4.3-litre V8 engine good for 460bhp of power and 485Nm of torque, it gets a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Image Courtesy - teambhp

  • Ratan Tata Cadillac XLR

    2. Cadillac XLR - Another exquisite model from his arsenal of cars is the Cadillac XLR. Ratan Tata’s love for American cars due to their high comfort quotient and cutting-edge mechanism makes it one of his favourite. With a massive 4.6-litre, Northstar V8 engine this beast of a car makes robust power and gets a 6-speed automatic transmission.

  • Ratan Tata Maserati Quattroporte

    3. Maserati Quattroporte - The mean machine from the Italian car giant, Maserati is one humongous metal body frame crafted to precision. Powered by the 4.7-litre, V8 engine that dishes out 425bhp of power along with 490Nm torque, the sports sedan achieves the 0-100kmph mark within 5.1 seconds.

  • Ratan Tata Jaguar XF

    4. Jaguar XFR Coming from the stables of Jaguar, this beauty from Tata acquired British marque gets bespoke treatment in line with Ratan Tata’s taste. Propelled by a lofty 5.0-litre, V8 supercharger this Jag makes massive power of 515PS and 625Nm of torque.

  • Ratan Tata Chrysler Sebring

    5. Chrysler Sebring - Donning the Chrysler nameplate, this convertible is almost two decades old, albeit, the car still grunts like a mighty bull. An interesting trivia about the car reveals that the maroon shade introduced on the first batch of Indica was inspired by this beauty.

  • Ratan Tata Mercedes Benz500 SL

    6. Mercedes-Benz 500 SL - This Merc is believed to be one of the oldest models in Ratan Tata’s car collection. Even though it has aged over the years, but the car still retains its position as one of the most special cars in his garage.

  • 7. Mercedes-Benz S-Class - Another Merc that finds a spot in Ratan Tata’s garage is the uber luxurious S-Class. This one is undoubtedly one of the most desirous cars any luxury enthusiast would want to own. While a common man can only dream of buying it, Ratan Tata ferries in this beastof a car for his daily errands.

  • Ratan Tata Land Rover Freelander

    8. Land Rover Freelander - Another model from the Tata owned British luxury brand, Land Rover is this Freelander. Housing an inline, four-cylinder oil burner with 190PS of power and 420Nm torque, supported by a 6-speed auto box, this Land Rover is among the various special cars in Ratan Tata’s car collection.

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