Meet The World’s Most Expensive SUV – Karlmann King

Date: March 26, 2018 8:26 PM
  • Karlmann King Price

    If you are an SUV lover, this news will surely excite you. Till date, the Bentley Bentayga was considered as the world’s most expensive SUV. Now, the crown has been snatched by the Karlmann King that costs a whopping $2.2 million (which is around Rs 14.27 crore without taxes and duties).

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    Showcased at the Dubai International Motor Show in 2017, the Karlmann King SUV has been designed by a Chinese automotive design company - IAT Automobile Technology. A European team of over 1,800 people has given the final shape to the vehicle. Only 12 units of the SUV are being produced by the carmaker.

  • Karlmann King SUV Engine

    The Karlmann King SUV is claimed to be‘stealth’ and offer ‘an unprecedented visual feast”. With hefty body-built, the SUV carries futuristic sculpted design and commands a strong road presence. Based on a Ford F-550 platform, the Karlmann King weighs around 4,500kg (without armours) and 6,000kg (with optional bullet-proof armour).

  • Karlmann King SUV Specifications

    Powering this beast is a massive 6.8-litre V10 sourced from the Ford F-550. This motor can deliver power close to 400bhp, and offers a claimed top speed of just 140kmph. Compared to its weight and robust body-built, these figures are little less.

  • Karlmann King SUV Price

    The SUV is composed of carbon-fibre and steel and measures around 6 metres in length. It has a wheelbase of 3691mm that means you will have enough space for a small party. Apart this, the Karlmann King SUV offers an ultra-luxurious ambiance to sit in.

  • Karlmann King SUV Features

    For entertainment purpose, there is ultra HD 4k television set and Hi-Fi sound system. It also comes equipped with phone projection system and private safebox. Features such as satellite TV and satellite phone are optional offerings.

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    Other key highlights include independent air conditioning units at the front and rear, electric table, indoor neon light control, coffee machine, etc.

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